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Watch: Trump meets with Poland's president at White House

President Trump welcomes Polish President Andrzej Duda to the White House. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    What’s Melanias saying ?, “ be shite”..

  2. Avatar

    Wow! The translator is up to the task with speedy pace.

  3. Avatar

    Another day, another really good chance that Trump will embarrass this Nation yet again.

  4. Avatar

    Poland 🇵🇱
    United States 🇺🇸
    Poland will protect Europe’s southern flank and expel the Muslim hordes.
    The West will prevail. Huntington was right.

  5. Avatar

    I wonder if Trump knows who Chopin is. He appears to have no interest at all in the humanities, including music. What a darkened, impoverished soul the man has.

  6. Avatar

    jeezzz… i mam nadzieję że się przesłyszałem. "Visa regime"? Nie "regiment" lub chociaż reimen"?
    Jeśli tak to chyba nie mamy do czynienia z przypadkiem 🙁 kiedy dzieje się to w dwóch na dwie (z bólem trzy) konkretne wypowiedzi…

    ( jeśli w miarę świadomie użyte było regime to dla mnie następny "Fort Trump", niby prawie OK ale BS do kwadratu)

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    Trump cant punch his scary dumb goose arse way out of a paper bag. He a dummy , a BANKRUPT one at THAT. Losing money and trying to BANKRUPT our Treasury department and our morals as American human beings, he along with his greedy enablers and supporters. Out of 17 candidates, his non-business ethics having arse, woman hating arse, disrespectful arse, is the best that party can do??? You shake him up you couldn't get 1 good moral out of him. NOBODY wants to be around the leader of the FREE ( for now) world. Nobody, and anybody that support his antics are disrespectful and miserable themselves.

  8. Avatar

    How will Traitor Trump (R – Criminal) embarrass America this time?

  9. Avatar

    Duda could be Russian contact from past his dossier keeps secret by military service in Poland.

  10. Avatar

    Trump's legacy and most important contribution may well be a constitutional amendment that requires those running for our highest office…be screened for mental stability.

  11. Avatar

    Poles in US not gone votes for Republican 2020.Because US Congress act #4487 from May last year.Award 300 billions $ compensations for Polish Jew after WW2.Poland pays this to US in 1960 .20 mln$ now they wants more.

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    College Educated Women for TRUMP!!!

  13. Avatar

    Trump want to sale another old military garbage

  14. Avatar

    Trump did very well I think. A strong Poland USA alliance will benefit both countries greatly.

  15. Avatar

    Thanks WP for posting more of this video. Trump is awesome! Thanks for making ‘America’ matter again. Keep up the good work!

  16. Avatar

    It is so good not to hear from Jim Acosta or April Ryan. Very respectful, well done press conference.

  17. Avatar

    Greatest American President.
    D O N A L D J T R U M P

  18. Avatar

    Extreme right dictators love to kiss each others butt

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