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WATCH LIVE: World Health Organization provides update on coronavirus

The World Health Organization holds their daily news conference as the number of coronavirus infections across China continues to rise, although at a slower rate outside the epicenter of Hubei province. A respected neurologist who was director of Wuchang Hospital in Wuhan died Tuesday after contracting the novel coronavirus. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    They sure baked that virus on board that ship before they let it loose on the rest of the world. The people should have been taken off that ship in the very beginning before it got so intensified. What were they thinking. You've got to run the air conditioning on board and that and the close contact was absolutely going to make the ship one big incubator for the virus. .

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    Those deaths are massively under reported….

  3. Avatar

    The woman on the right is like "please don't ask me a question"

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    Listen to the whole media IGNORE the much more serious problem in Syria with over 500k children in danger of sickness and hypothermia. Selfish society only cares about their own personal fears and needs..sad state for our humanity.

  5. Avatar

    Any comparisons to the movie Contagion? I might watch it tonight. I thought the death toll was over 1,900?

  6. Avatar

    He sounds like a chinese internet bot propagating chinese propaganda UN is useless

  7. Avatar

    So all this hype for 1500 deaths? I think not friends.

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    Relax. Everybody will get it. The more people who panic, the more painful it will be. You have to learn how to live like an adult. Relax. Everything is going to be fine. Take care of one another.

  9. Avatar

    You sew the seeds of dought and
    Mistrust when you actively deny the Truth..if we have no faith in
    Each other how can there be a
    FUTURE. ?

  10. Avatar

    Rofl like we can trust the W.H.O.

  11. Avatar

    The person next to the speaker put his finger into the cup rim when he moved the paper cup – 1:20

  12. Avatar

    5:19 – Why is there a secret door built into the table?

  13. Avatar

    WHO guys are doing new reporter's job instead of doing their own job , countries should stop paying these morons

  14. Avatar

    So….1800 deaths…..1800 new cases?
    Wow, so they couldnt even think up a diff number?

  15. Avatar

    WHO cant be trusted…. lying fucks.
    And they keep bringing up fake news/info…. but don't say what that fake info is.. they are trying to control the narritive… "listen to us, no one else".
    They prioritize the economy over human lives.

    WHO is bought…
    Do not trust them….

  16. Avatar

    they will not talk about the survival rate….. 1800 deaths but not how many survived and have recovered.

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    Quarentine is at least 24 days!!!! I don't trust CDC and W.H.O. Whatever # they're reporting…Double or Triple it!!!

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    the drunkard wont look in the camera

  19. Avatar

    Seen A Harvard Professor with ties to Wuhan was arrested by the FBI recently? Not sure if it's true or somehow involved with the recent virus.

  20. Avatar

    I dont think they know what the hell they are doing and I dont believe they are telling the truth, the whole truth!

  21. Avatar

    The WHO is corrupt and ignores!!!!!!!!! I trust NOTHING they say!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Avatar

    Did he say the Damned Princess cruise ship?

  23. Avatar

    2 weeks ago I watched a video from a Chinese nurse there in town. It was bad, and even doctors were sick and slumped against the walls. You could hear several gun shots in the background. . This was 2 weeks ago and she said there was 90,000 people sick THEN! Just this week you're claiming only 70,000 people are sick. Last week there are reports of bodies being burned. Who is not telling the truth???

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    They should air drop these lying FUCKS into the epicenter naked.

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    Questions not asked.
    If corona virus has a patent who benefits from the illness/outbreak and is this the correct patent number? US2006257852 is illness big biz?

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    UHHHH!!! I have had serious infections in the past WITH NO FEVER!!! For some reason I don't get fevers anymore since I was pregnant with my son 28 years ago!!!! JUST FYI!!!! without blood work it was suspected that I had an infection because my blood pressure was high!! They should be checking blood pressure also!!!!!

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    "the damned princess cruise ship"

    The first thing this guy's said that makes sense.

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