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WATCH LIVE: Trump says he and the first lady have tested positive for COVID-19 | ABC News


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    He had a "doctor" document bone spurs and another one do a report about his "fantastic health ". I dont believe he tested at all.

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    This news program sucks you guys really suck you’re believable get a life

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    and now COVID-19 might prove to be Trump's end, literally and figuratively

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    He's probably lying

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    with his
    20000 lies it is doubtful he is sick. i would only trust the results of the tests if i did them. i would need to watch him every second to make sure that there was no secret cure kept from the public (since it is made from fetal brain cells and fetal blood). I love creating my first conspiracy theory. But then again it might be true.

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    Everything is covid even a paper cut.

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    👎What a LOSER!! I like Presidents that don't catch Corona. 😂

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    Can't take him seriously. His suit looks so baggy. Like a cross between a high schooler and a hobo. Cringey

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    Dobby The house elf

    What does he expect to happen if he doesn’t wear masks? Smh

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    Scott Adams (Real Coffee with Scott Adams)

    episode 1142 on Youtube is talking about Trump and his Covid:

    Trump was consistant to not hide from the risk,

    and live life.

    He walked the walk… took the risk

    not just doing the talk…

    a model of what we should be doing…

    promoting our economy.

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    the only positive poll for Trump is the Covid-19…that is Trumpandemic
    😂😂😂 I will try to drink Clorox
    The Covid-19 will disappear soon…me too 😭😭😭

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    the continued patterns of fake news like the polls! remember 2016 elections had hilarious winning hands down in every poll, and the manufactured crisis one after the other, Russia collision lie, the attempt with made up out of thin air charges for three years now DNC offers Death as a venue for politics endorsed by the DNC who also offer threats and violence even murder as a tool to win elections, are they really representing America?

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    Superspreader gets covid,WTF

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    finally!!!! he got it !!!! its payback time

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    You wanna be as(tulip)sohh I’ll holdui op ‘ their now gie me the babie aoi okthatdontmatter

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    It seems pretty fishy . Trump has Covid, right after his piss poor performance at the debate. I think he is lying- wants us to forget about his taxes, his racist remarks, 207,000 deaths and him being such a fucking bully. But we never forget. Biden 2020

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    212954 plus one?

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    Trump will fake his death and sneak off to Epstein’s island with Hope Hicks. He has always had a “ hankering “ for her !

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    The thousands of people dead he ignored/abandoned, the doctors he ignored all said don't jump,the boy genius did.He was asking for it and deserves it.

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    It's not surprising. Matter of time. "It is what it is"
    Trump and his mouth piece will spin this somehow.

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    but its a democratic hoax how can he get a hoax oh well time for the heard immunity theory to be put to the test or mabey give him some bleach laughs

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    it seems all his bullshit is catching up to him,he may have single handedly have shut down his own government and put the country at risk to outside forces……is this the great job at leading the country….it seems Don is also the best detective in the country,he figured out fake news ,election fraud….this is where lieing gets you….gotta vote this man out with huge numbers so the man has no choice but to leave and white biggot supporters run to the hills…..this president is a shame to the human race…..big numbers = no trump

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    Trump is faking he got it. See "The Don" put on a pyjama pink jump suit with bunny ears, hop into bed for a bowl of Lipton Chicken Noodle Soup so he can say "I beat it. The easiest thing in the world. Biden wouldn't make it. Joe is a coward."

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    Hmmmm after the debate disaster, he needs SYMPATHY.

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    If he doesn't end up extremely sick, I'm not sure I'll believe he has it. This could very well be a political play for sympathy and making a showing of 'strength.' I am unsure what to believe from that White House

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    Melania Trump is many things, but a "lady" she is not.

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    G. A. J. Brisson, MD

    1. Be honest folks! Upon hearing that President Donald J Trump tested positive for COVID 19, how many of you are cheering for the Coronavirus to prevail right now?
    2. If you discovered the CURE for this Coronavirus today, how many of you would wait until POTUS45 croaked, before making your medical discovery public and claiming your Nobel price. I am just asking for a friend.

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