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WATCH LIVE: Trump delivers remarks at annual March for Life rally in D.C.

President Trump became the first president to speak in person to antiabortion demonstrators Friday at the March for Life rally, an annual gathering to mark the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Best President in my lifetime…….oh heck since the beginning of our country.
    Californians who stand with Trump!

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    Look at all these commenters undoubtedly willing to walk their talk and adopt unwanted babies!!!!

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    Trump is a great president, great leader, and a great American. All you liberal/demoRAT babykilling commie traitors are going down.

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    Wait…. this is about abortion???? I thought “march for life” was about gun reform/ less mass shootings. Who cares about abortion when the kid won’t make it to adulthood because of mass shootings. Plus the world population is already growing too quickly, I say dont just allow abortions, encourage them, we dont need more people in the world

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    I like the little coincidences of life . Trumps Grandmothers name is Elizabeth Christ ( She married a Trump ) . When Mary was pregnant with Christ she went to Elizabeth and the Child in Elizabeth's womb lept for joy . yes I am silly but its nice anyway . Nice because the first human to recognise Christ was a babe in the womb leaping for joy . Let us protect our babes in the womb and help the mothers .

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    "antiabortion demonstrators"

    Yeah, this headline isn't biased at all.

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    Conman. He is on record for once saying Christians are suckers. This was long before he ran for president, but do you think he has changed?

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    I LOVE President Trump! ❤️ USA!

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    If u ban abortion we will unleash the biggest race mixing movement ever don't try us becuse your white children will give birth to a black child and will not give your white grandchildren life. This is warning for you Republican u want a white American COME AND GET IT

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    The trolls commenting here could not get laid to father a child any way and if they had are dead beat dad as well.

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    impotus is a lying parrot. Since he is not very smart, he thinks that in repeating a lie it becomes true. The worst is all his supporters that does not seem to be any smarter

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    Thank you very much idiots followers of Trump. I did awesome prejudiness things ever, nonone can do it. Trump did terrorism on innocent peoples. Wow Trump so much famous in idiots peoples like Human beast..

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    It is written on Daniel 8:25, Matthew 24:11, 1 John 2:18.

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    The March For Life! Trump we are already working on it, as we speak. We are in the middle (Trial) of Getting You Marching For Life! Away from our White House.
    You Traitor, Judas
    To America

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    President Donald Trump is the first American President to acknowledge that Jerusalem is the Capital City of Israel, which it has been since the days of King David yet no previous President was willing to make this Stand. but not so with President Trump!
    Now President Trump has acknowledged the God given right of LIFE, to every individual by being the first President to attend the "Right For Life" March in Washington, D. C.
    As King David was a man after God's own heart, so is President Donald John Trump! He does not back down and speaks from the Heart, especially for the unborn and even now abortion for those children that have reached full development and birth.

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    1. Medical coverage for the unemployed/underemploymented
    2. Universal paid parental leave
    3. Pre-k, primary/secondary/college funding
    4. Arts/sports programs
    5. Support services for special needs children/adolescents/adults
    6. Family planning services

    1. Deliver the child
    2. Good luck

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