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WATCH LIVE: Schumer, Senate Democrats hold news conference as Trump impeachment trial continues

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) holds a news conference ahead of opening arguments for the second day in President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. House managers, led by Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Calif.), will present three days of opening arguments. Then, senators will have 16 hours to ask questions in writing. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    Trump wont get booted but the dems are building a solid case for him to not get re-elected because of all the coverups. its so clear the admin is corrupt now more than ever

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    When are people goin to hit the streets and march to congress and show thier force “ power of the people “ they must be stopped !!!

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    This Shumer is a liar. Trump did not say anything about cutting social security. He alluded to a very good economy and maybe implied there would be enough to actually fund it. Something has to be done in any case and it has to be looked at which is something Bush tried to do and Obama did nothing about but kick the can down the road as they say.

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    I LOVE how many Trump supporters are HERE, at a WAPO video, watching, commenting! It helps WAPO! They will never 'fail' as Trump likes to say with all these Trump supporters always coming here to support their videos! LOL

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    The never ending CLOWN SHOW goes on and on and on and on… SHAMEFUL…..

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    The republican senators say, they didn't hear anything new, but they won't allow witnesses or documents, new information. What a catch 22.

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    I wish Trump could be handcuffed, arrested and put in jail, until he provides all the documentation

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    Dysfunctional Gov a reflection of a dysfunctional America, this is what corruption looks like at the highest level when politicians don’t have any term limits and corporations rule the world. 45 will have a second term and his youngest will become president in the future, It’s Manifest Destiny

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    Seen Chuckie adamantly saying Hunter wont be called as a witness.
    What are the Democrats attempting to covering up?
    Its sad when folks on when hand begin a Sham impeachment.
    Then, covering up crimes on the other, sad for hard working Americans.

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    Dems have wanted to impeach the President since he was elected…first for firing comrade FBI director then Russian hoax and now the perfect phone call..Vote out these racist Dems so we can continue making America great!

  12. Avatar

    Call the White House to ask for witnesses and documents.
    White House 202-224-3121
    It’s fast, and easy. They are there to take your comment and do not talk back to you. They just ask you for your State. 🇺🇸

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    Oh lord Shut up we love ❤️ are president , and continue pocketing that money , You solemnly care about you !

  14. Avatar

    Get trump out he is Hurting us AMERICANS……..Keep HANDS OFF OF SOCIAL SERCURITY……..

  15. Avatar

    Ukraine is much role in USA elections, money from Hillary and democrats try to steal USA election by corrupt Ukraine government

  16. Avatar

    %100 All for Impeachment…..Vestaburh ,PA……..

  17. Avatar

    This entire waste of an impeachment is to attack trump and blame him for Hillary’s inability to be elected and blame Russia and trump !! Sick. Sylvia Garcia just said it to our faces just now !!! That’s what’this is all about. It’s not about trump being impeached for an act he did. It’s about Hillary not elected. Bitter psychological tactics are now obvious. This is a sham impeachment used by our tax dollars. I’m so sick of it. And the alien beings sitting in that house is outrageous. The two women sitting in each side of the podium are not human. I took pics. This is nuts and deception is huge

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    Such a terrible excuse for a political leader. The Mueller team found nothing. The IG found 17 FBI illegal issues dealing with FISA warrants. The collusion narrative was a scam. The media fed the beast. The Biden's all profited during the last administration; big league. Counter intel operations have to be authorized by the President of the US; Obama. The Democrats didn't allow witnesses to be called in the House by Republicans. Now these total phony people are claiming the Republicans are cheating them? Holy cow. The Democrats really think the American people are that stupid. So embarrassing. Andrew Jackson would be draining the swamp just as Trump is trying to do. I hope he is successful and Barr and Durham help in holding people accountable for their illegality. The WP, the NYT, CNN, and MCNBC are not interested in real journalism. FOX is biased and we all know that but at least their commentators admit it. CNN claims neutrality! Sick.

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    Just leak the new evidence to the press somehow… can't be that difficult.

  20. Avatar

    Time for Trump to go we don't need cowards backing down from war if Kim, Iran, Lebanon or any other threatening country pushes their demands.

  21. Avatar

    Nut huggers of America unite! make America great again, after I cut your Medicare. Hooray!

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    These witnesses are critical because we were too stupid to call them in the house invetigation. The hearing today is a repeat of yesterday. They are out of bullets. I wonder if the ratings will go up tomorrow when the president finally gets to provide a defense which they denied him in the house investigation. Fairness? Okay. It's about time.

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    Not enough time to hear all hearsay witnesses. If dems dont like potus foreign policy and economy .toilets that flush.dishwashers that rinse.u can vote him out

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    Don't deny your eyes or ears. Trump is dirty.

    And loud.

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