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WATCH LIVE: Schumer, Graham hold news conferences on day three of opening arguments

Senate Minority Leader Charles E. Schumer (D-N.Y.) and Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) hold separate news conferences as opening arguments continue for the third day in President Trump’s impeachment trial in the Senate. President Trump was impeached by the House of Representatives in December for abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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    It takes a few real patriot generals in the US military to end this madness. These politicians are selling your country from under you and nobody seems to care. How much more time and money are you people willing to waste for this scam??? The country has more important problems than throwing millions of taxpayers money at Ukraine….Get a grip America…

  2. Avatar

    Graham sounds so stupid at this point 100% of Americans know trump is a guilty criminal they just don’t care

  3. Avatar

    Lispy Lindsey is a joke of a “man”. This is his argument: “But Joe Biden tho! But Hunter Biden tho!” Here’s the response from everyone else who sees through Lispys hypocrisy: “But orange dump tho ftw.”

  4. Avatar

    For having so much “overwhelming evidence” they so do seem to be begging because they haven’t proved their case…

  5. Avatar

    Republicans looking sooo guilty man Americans are not dumb like they think

  6. Avatar

    This is a joke they are all hypocrites

  7. Avatar

    Lindsey Graham, what changed? You're either demented or you're a liar!

  8. Avatar

    I regret having posted on this news outlet video. I won’t be deleting my comments. Clearly those who subscribe to this channel are bias against the Republican Party.

  9. Avatar

    DOJ could have looked at Bidens, that's their job, not Ukraine's job?

  10. Avatar

    The 24hr thing thats what you agreed to so stop whinging on YOUR process!

  11. Avatar

    schumer that has invisible people in his chair and he talks to them thinks someone will take what he says creditable…..NOT!!!

  12. Avatar

    Jesus had his disciples, Trump has his GOP..2 greatest con man same modus operandi…

  13. Avatar

    The intelligence agencies have just about used up all their “7 ways from Sunday” haven’t they?
    America your country is run by career politicians not voters. Total corruption.

  14. Avatar

    What?? Schiff has done a great job according to LG? Schiff lied and lied, even the W Post gave him 4 lying points

  15. Avatar

    Get Hunter Biden on the stand and start disbarring lawyers who were in on the FISA warrants for Trumps campaign.

  16. Avatar

    And the employment of a son of a presidential candidate is more crucial than the actual President of the U.S.A's corrupt behaviour; what!!!! Lindsay Graham acts and sounds like a drunk man to me!!

  17. Avatar

    We need to find out is Schumer has had homosexual sex with Cooper?

  18. Avatar

    The democrats are not our friends. I'd rather see Putin as speaker of the house than Pelosi. He's a patriot, Pelosi is a thief. Plus he'd give us S500's.

  19. Avatar

    Someone needs to look into the Trump children, your taxpayer money is being put directly into their pockets. What about your military being sent to their golf resort in Scotland! Theses wicked creatures are simply repulsive. Trumps crimes are not being looked at fully. The World needs you to rise up America, be strong.

  20. Avatar

    Lindsey Graham is a piece of unbelievable work… the hypocrisy is amazing here.

  21. Avatar

    when a president or a president want to be systematically employs the same tactics for personal gain there is reason to look into it first he called he 's affairs :opposition research,today republicans are lobbying on his behalf that he is acted within his constitutional rights,anyway republicans try to twist this the pattern of criminal behavior is undeniably there, whether trump with held $ 400 million or 4 billion republicans just can not defend the indefensible when it is in plain site,if trump don't get impeached and removed republicans are intentionally putting national security in jeopardy.

  22. Avatar

    Remove him from the ballot?? Who? Is that even possible, to remove an incumbent President from the ballot? What liars

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    This is about the PRESIDENT, who is a liar. Republicans are not the target but they will pay the price. What is it that grandma said? "Birds of a feather…" You can't lie down with flea-infested dogs and not expect to get fleas.
    The Republicans are looking for a way out. It's so obvious what they're doing…

  24. Avatar

    Love you Lindsey Trump 20/20 MAGA

  25. Avatar

    This needs to end Lindsey?? U have said it. This is the reason for this scena… You are looking for an escape route.

  26. Avatar

    If Russia wants to destroy the United States they really should of helped a democrat get elected…Haha so true.

    This has backfired royally!

    America is stronger than ever!

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    Donald Trump must be Vladimir Putin's best investment ever.
    This impeachment trial will go down in history as the moment US has become a pathetic Trump dictatorship and the format for WW3 started, Names will be remembered history will judge

  28. Avatar

    Meanwhile Trump was giving an historic speech at the Right to Life March to a very huge crowd of thousands in DC. He's the bravest president! MAGA and KAG!

  29. Avatar

    Lindsey Graham is so far up Trumps a$$! He is pure filth!

  30. Avatar


  31. Avatar

    Miss Lindsey Graham has chosen to live in the closet for many years. Let's make it official and lock her up in her closet forever.

  32. Avatar

    All the emergency rooms in Suffolk County New York and throughout the tri-state area loaded with this virus already

  33. Avatar

    Listening to the House Managers is like watching paint dry.

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