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Watch live: President Trump, First Lady test positive for Covid-19

Watch a live NBC News Special Report on the news that President Trump and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for Covid-19.

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Watch live: President Trump tests positive for Covid-19

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  1. Avatar

    Oh how the. MIGHTYhave fallen

  2. Avatar

    indictments are coming

  3. Avatar
    catatatata yikes

    Me-" Were they talking?"
    "OBVIOUSLY notyou dimbus. They were expelling air. What are you stupid??"

  4. Avatar

    I have no objection to mother nature eliminating Trump and his wife. Plus his kids. That is all. Thank you. Vote Quimby.

  5. Avatar

    Put the Draft Dodger Liar ,Racist on a Ventaltor and Say goodbye to the Punk!!!!!!!Yeah Good ridence!!!!!!!

  6. Avatar

    You know what they say.. "What goes around comes around".
    Also maybe a publicity stunt as he is such a looser, looking for sympathy Votes.???
    If not I apologise wish them well, but just proves no one is safe from this virus,

  7. Avatar
    Lasse Lempäälä

    He'll totally open up the country now and say this virus isn't all that bad.

  8. Avatar

    What if he is lying so the election will be put on hold, he knows he might lose ???????????

  9. Avatar

    Popcorn and drinks at the ready to read all comments saying it's 'fake news or the conspiracy theories'!🤫

  10. Avatar

    Stupid is as stupid does…. Forest Gump

  11. Avatar

    Brian, he will not survive this . He is very high risk.
    It is his own fault too.
    He still refuses to wear a mask

  12. Avatar

    I wouldn't worry, Mr. President. This COVID thing, as you keep braying, is a 'hoax'. So. now you have a hoax illness. Just chill, man, don't forget – there's lots of bleach, Lysol, and UV light…

  13. Avatar

    Dems. Send well wishes to trump, yeah right! LMFAO! Try drinking some Bleach!

  14. Avatar

    The science deniers will be putting thier hopes and faith in science, temporarily, for the next little while.

  15. Avatar

    I think China is the reason why the whole

    world is like this now. If China's Wuhan

    Institute had not conducted a strange

    experiment, the virus would not have

    spread around the world and even so if

    Xi Jinping had blocked the entrance,

    there would not have been so many

    casualties. I feel very sorry that Trump is

    infected with the coronavirus. Later on,

    I want China apologize to the world and

    compensate for the national damage

    caused by the virus. As soon as possible

    the coronavirus disappear and

    people return to their normal lives.

  16. Avatar

    Just give Trump a gallon of disinfectant to drink, that would cure him, he said so himself.

  17. Avatar
    The Book of Heiress Jacqueline

    Learn The Distance Dance so we can survive this pandemic. https://youtu.be/DSJWMHF8UlQ

  18. Avatar

    Fake infection, Trump is looking for sympathy from voters. What a snake !!!

  19. Avatar

    Everything Trump does is a lie, he just doesn't want a second debate with Biden if that's what you want to call it. He can't debate if he's sick

  20. Avatar

    Hahahahahahahahhahahaha horrible man

  21. Avatar

    USA News
    USA President Trump tested positive:
    New York Times, "Others suggested a degree of justice in his diagnosis, given his record of diminishing the threat of the virus, refusing simple precautions like wearing a face mask and holding campaign rallies without social distancing."

  22. Avatar

    Can you imagine trump over comes covid19 but dies after losing the election…LMAO 🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😂😂😆😆😅😅😄😁

  23. Avatar

    Mr president, no matter how strongly I disagree with you, I pray God that you get well soon. https://youtu.be/24QKYig1prU

  24. Avatar

    Trump said…
    It is what it is about 200,000 people dying from covid19…
    Let's all hope he feels lots of pain…🥳🥳😂😂😆😅😅😄😁. And lose the presidential election…LMAO

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Trump has covid? Oh well, it is what it is!

  27. Avatar

    3:35. “Expelling air”. Well, those are polite words to use. Lol

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