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WATCH LIVE: House Democrats unveil articles of impeachment against Trump

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and five committee chairmen announced the articles on abuse of power and obstruction of Congress at a news conference.
The Judiciary Committee will vote on the articles — the equivalent of a formal charge — on Thursday and the full House is expected to vote next week. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube:

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  1. Avatar

    Every one of you are going to burn in **

  2. Avatar

    Haha Democrats know that they’ve got no card left in their hands to complete president Trump. Shame on you democrats

  3. Avatar

    What a Faakin Sh*t Show. Can’t believe we fought for this. Dems are a Disgrace to are Nation!

  4. Avatar

    Am glad I left this cult of a Party. Trump got 66m votes in 2016, this time he'll get more than 100m votes and anyone can take that to the bank. The Democratic Party is dead and buried. Bunch of Hyenas

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    As I listen I am contemplating where I will be celebrating when Trump wins in 2020! What a joke these people are! I am a Obama voting -liberal -freedom of speech advocate…. this is a freak show!

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    I think 🇷🇺Donald John Trump 🇷🇺 cheated to get in once and thought naught of screwing U.S. Citizens a second time around! Oh, I amost forgot: that's what narcissists do. Do your homework people. These types of people are die-hard vindictive and "I-will-fu-up" dangerous. Psycho 101 🇷🇺 flag of Russia

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    106% debt to GDP, 23 trillion dollars in debt. And this is what they are doing. Hey millennials, here’s the nations credit card. It’s maxed out by the way.

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    When the camera panned out and I saw the portrait of George Washington on the wall, I imagined him coming to life and stepping out of the picture frame, grabbing one of the flags and stabbing all these scumbags to death with the eagle end of the stick and skull stomping pelosi until 80 proof pours out her rotten nosed face. Is that wrong of me?

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    If this scumbag doesn't go to jail, I'm moving to Canada.

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    Lol. Wants it gets to senate just gone throw it out. Dems have wasted there time and the American peoples time.

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