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Watch Joe Biden’s Full Speech From the DNC | WSJ

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden addressed the country on the final night of the national convention. He pledged to put politics aside and lead the country out of difficult times. Photo: Andrew Harnik/Associated Press

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  1. Avatar

    Well done Joe. Humility, respect. Restore America’s standing in the world.

  2. Avatar

    Hes like the creepy uncle in the corner as you watch him like a hawk around the kids. I could never vote for this puppet.

  3. Avatar

    He was mostly coherent for 25 minutes. Trump might be in trouble…

  4. Avatar

    To all the Biden bashers here, just remember what kamala said: ‘we all rise or fall together.’ Your choice, America.

  5. Avatar

    Biden does not mention riots and violence in the streets. Did anyone at the Democrat National Convention?

  6. Avatar

    This is a hologram.

  7. Avatar

    He’s clearly reading a teleprompter. I just worry trump will eat him alive in an actual debate. Maybe he will have people in an ear piece

  8. Avatar

    Liked 1.3K/Disliked 4.1K. Maybe they can all get together after the elections and talk about what could have been.

  9. Avatar

    Interesting, he didn't say God Bless America at the end, as they usually do.

  10. Avatar

    Ratio’d 😂 Lol

  11. Avatar

    At least I’ll fall asleep fast tonight

  12. Avatar

    He is still able to read from the telepromters!

  13. Avatar

    hes an ally of satan
    which Soros and the rest of the Illuminati calls the light bearer

  14. Avatar

    Another speech like music but will never deliver!

  15. Avatar

    Look at all the dislikes. Better get your ammo stocked up for the riots after Trump's reelection

  16. Avatar

    After 47 years and now you have all the answers? What a joke

  17. Avatar

    A little bit of a rocky delivery, but overall well said. Though he may not be the most ideal person in a lot of our minds, he’s got this man’s vote.

  18. Avatar
    Demetrious '5'3 MIDGET' Johnson

    How long until they shut comments off on YouTube since the people are voicing their opinions and not blindly following the democrats?

  19. Avatar

    Get out of your basement and debate Trump….then we will see the real you

  20. Avatar

    The best speech Joe Biden has ever given.

  21. Avatar

    Wasn't really sold on Biden or Trump and wasn't going to vote because of how toxic our political climate is and I'm a moderate and it seems like NOBODY cares about my voice. It's basically a bunch of idiots screaming left or right, Red v. Blue like they are political Bloods or Crips. Biden has many flaws, similar flaws to Trump but he has a better heart than Trump, he has a better character than Trump and he's a tad bit more honest than Trump. Te sad thing is that Trump COULD be a good President but like Obama said he just can't. He's just not the right fit for the job. I knew he wasn't when he has a Republican House and Senate and couldn't get any major legislation passed before the midterms of 2018. I don't know what will happen if Biden wins, but I do know if Trump is reflected there's going to be a storm that I don't even know if America will be able to weather. Everybody around Trump is either corrupt, suspect or a criminal. Steven Bannon who was once his eyes and ears was just indicted. I'm not terribly sold on Biden but Trump is just so dangerous to democracy. I think it's time to vote him out of the office and to put pressure on the electorates to vote him out.

  22. Avatar


  23. Avatar

    They may as well CGI him at this point. What on earth is he going to be like when its live.

  24. Avatar

    I don’t understand how we are the worst for covid 19 and we took some precautions while Sweden took none at all and there doing better than us ? NOTHING IS MAKING SENSE with this Covid-19 pandemic

  25. Avatar

    Failed in his life

  26. Avatar

    This sounds like Joe Biden in a 3rd grade speech… just full of 'light vs dark' just so tacky!

  27. Avatar

    trump will not debate Biden. watch

  28. Avatar

    In Europe we are pro Trump!! Don't believe what the media says !!! We are sick and tired of this socialism or democrats..

  29. Avatar

    Asian Americans voting for Trump in Ohio.

  30. Avatar
    Kelly The Coach Inc.

    4,000 dislikes 1,400 likes Way to go Joe! Almost as many likes as young girl's you have touched and women's hair you have sniffed/

  31. Avatar

    What don’t they get, you’ve been rejected!

  32. Avatar

    Now Clinton spent a crazy fortune to win…..lol I just wonder, how much will Dems pay out before they realise its wasted money and pull the plug.

  33. Avatar

    Sep 29 Biden's LIVE debate meltdown. Comedy gold. 🍿🍺

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