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Watch Amy Coney Barrett's full opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee

Judge Amy Coney Barrett delivers her opening statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee.

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    "God Bless President Donald J Trump and Amy Coney Barrett" -MexicanAmerican 🇺🇸💯

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    if i was amy i'd promise the trumpublicans the earth privately then vote biden and betray them after dumpfs defeated. if only in a just world

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    She's proud to have her family behind her? She's done with them just like that? Listen to her she's happy to get rid of her own family just to become a judge. Sickening.

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    ACB will be confirmed! More winning!

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    She can afford 7 children, but many americans cannot pay their medication or rent.

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    Some people have no shame.

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    I’m gonna binge watch The Handmaids Tale all over again.

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    Just came here to downvote

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    I like her face more than her voice.

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    It is unconstitutional to include Christian dogma in education or law. That is literally what separation of church and state is.

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    Let Americans have voice. Pls

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    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    This is exactly what a judge is supposed to be, a JUDGE not a LEGISLATOR. The liberal hypocrisy is nearly unbelievable but I'm never shocked anymore. If she happened to be a liberal activist nominee, we'd never hear the end of it from the likes of CNN or the left-wing media mob. Instead, because she appears to understand that there are THREE branches of government (Unlike all of you apparently) and that the constitution itself distinguishes very clearly the difference between the judicial and legislative branches of government, you lib hypocrites shit all over who is clearly a very well qualified nominee. Fact..a judge's job is to JUDGE the constitutionality of the law as it is LEGISLATED, they are not LEGISLATORS…go back to school folks. Can you imagine a Down Judge in the NFL officiating based on the intent of a play versus what actually happened? A judge's job is to interpret literally what is at play, in the case of our judicial branch, what is legislated. The onus falls upon the politically accountable i.e elected officials, to create constitutionally acceptable laws, not for activist judges to reinterpret the intent of ill-conceived ones. All who believe in the integrity of our constitutional republic should rejoice at nominees like Judge Barrett. Stop assuming how she'll rule based on your blue vs. red political nonsense. The media and we as citizens should care to be far more responsible…we are literally politicizing what is a non-political branch of government and we're the only ones that will lose as that institutional integrity erodes. It should also be noted that the president is well within his legal powers to nominate Judge Barrett and so is the senate in confirming.

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    This is only to get Trump the woman's vote.

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    Once the left starts putting down her religion they're gonna lose about 100-120 million voters!! God bless America land that I love! Jesus saves!

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    Reading the comments all I see is haterssss hatersssssssss

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    Dead ass hair. 😂😂🤦

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    This should have never happened. Funny how life is. In 2016, a large number of Americans didn't vote for a woman who could have become President. A larger number of White women voted for Trump along with People of color. Just think what could have if Hilary would have won. The first woman President; she would have followed the playbook Obama/Biden left and prevent the spread of Covid-19 which would have meant fewer cases and deaths; jobs and small businesses would have been safe and open and would have been able to safely travel, gather and see our family/loved ones. Not only did you allow a President who lose jobs, closed small businesses, and allow Covid to spread killing over 215K Americans and have over 8 million cases, the Republicans are about to put a woman through the Supreme Court who will destroy Obamacare, reverse Roe v Wade, make same-sex marriage illegal again. I hope you are happy!!

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    Evil Craig Singhaus

    The irony of Lindsey Graham swearing in someone to tell the truth. That little Southern Belle has no shame at all.

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    So proud of her ….Excellent choice Mr.President

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    The US Constitution reads “The POTUS has a constitutional obligation to fill the SC vacant seat UNLESSSS there’s a dying wish” 😭😂🤦🏻‍♀️🤦🏻‍♀️🙄

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    Graham? 🤣😂🤣🙈

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    Sick those bigoted democrats don't want to see women in power, they were preaching anti catholic bigotry that haven't been heard since nazis stated the same hate towards.the jews and catholics in the US faced.in the late 1800s

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    No mask what the🤔

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    America is a dictatorship officially now

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    I’m always pleased when a woman gets into a really high position of influence and power- because girls need role models to see what they can achieve if they put in the hard work and determination. There still aren’t enough women like that. And this lady might organise lovely birthday parties for her kids etc – but her case will be quoted for a long time as proof that women only can get “there” because they play the housewife working mum so well that their male colleagues don’t feel threatened. Getting the approval of white old men by doing all the right things (baking while reading a law book 🙄) is not what our little girls need to see. Sorry lady, you’re not someone to look up to.

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