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Want to Make a Big Bet on Oil Prices? Try Measuring Shadows | WSJ

To get an edge in the oil market, traders turn to satellites, shadows and a lot of fancy math.

Photo illustration: Laura Kammermann

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  1. Avatar

    Orbital is a cool science idea but kind of scary in real life.

  2. Avatar

    Attacks like this happen when certain groups notice when a US administration has no real backbone and thinks "we can do whatever we want" now. It's sad that theres a group of Americans who either dont care or are too uneducated to understand how far reaching the effects of a spineless, money hungry and selfish government can reach. In this particular case, the worldwide economy suffers

  3. Avatar

    This "artificial intelligence" phrase is such a hype. It's just image recognition software, people are doing this for so many years. The diference is today's big computational power alowing you to analyse huge data

  4. Avatar

    Not one mention of the attack that took place. Even Europe have blamed iran. Need to report the full situation.

  5. Avatar

    And now the sell off continues. Oil prices are actually LOWER now than before the attack. Clearly OPECs scheme to raise oil prices has not worked

  6. Avatar

    Simple, install permanent floodlights to remove all shadow casts.

  7. Avatar

    Didn't this video leak their entire business model?!

  8. Avatar

    Terrorists: we blew oil facilities using drones
    USA: is my patriot system joke to you

  9. Avatar

    Just another example of how we are living in a surveillance/casino economy.

  10. Avatar

    Why use a moving roof of tank ?

  11. Avatar

    Watch China start masking their tanks to hide from cameras

  12. Avatar

    Such talented minds wasted, playing this world like one big board game.

  13. Avatar

    Where does orbital buy /get these satellite data/real-time images from

  14. Avatar

    1. Just have additional cover on top painted in Black? (May obsorb heat but have some layer of space for ventilation.)
    2. Have an additional permanent cover on top.
    3. There 400 other creative ways to hide the shadows .
    I feel sorry for their business model.

  15. Avatar

    Wouldn't it be nice if we could funnel some of this human ingenuity (i.e. traders/trading system) towards something that's actually productive?

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