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Walter Reed Physicians Outline Latest Trump Treatment, Talk Discharge Timeline | NBC News

During a press conference outside of Walter Reed Medical Center, a team of physicians announced that President Trump is continuing to improve, and has remained without a fever since Friday morning. The doctors said Trump could be discharged back to the White House as early as tomorrow.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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Walter Reed Physicians Outline Latest Trump Treatment, Talk Discharge Timeline | NBC News

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    (CNN)Former presidential candidate Herman Cain is receiving oxygen and improving as he remains hospitalized for Covid-19, according to his Twitter account.

    Cain "is still in the hospital being treated with oxygen for his lungs. In the meantime, the doctors say his other organs and systems are strong," his account tweeted in a thread on Monday. "Re-strengthening the lungs is a long and slow process, and the doctors want to be thorough about it."…..Update July 30, 2020 HERMAN CAIN is DEAD .

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    So this guy is just another lying crony for Trump……Pathetic.

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    Has it? Karma
    Doesn't? More lies from the liar in Chief

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    Joseph Cervantes

    OMG 😍💋 💝💖❤️

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    Bill the Butcher

    Reporter: and in sad news trump is getting better. Democrats truly cannot get to this guy. Democrats will now just throw up a Hail Mary with crazy joe. Me, I’ll just go buy a lottery ticket. I have a better chance of winning that than seeing Trump defeated. (Crying)

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    A SuperPac called The Rebellion has just released an ad that sums up PERFECTLY how Trump and his sycophants have handled the pandemic. A "must see" and only 63 seconds long. Please view and share this videos with others.

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    This could be an opportunity for people to realize that this illness is not a deadly one and that this international "covid situtation" has nothing to do with D x R. Consider reading the book "The Brave New World" and perhaps you will start getting to understand that you are under a "social engineering spell" – Have you ever heard the term "Divide and Conquer"? – Why do you keep allowing yourself to have such a narrow perspective in all of this situation? Have you ever lived in China? Do you understand what is the Chinese Social Credit means? Do you support the knowing that our ports were sold to the Chinese? Do you support the idea that the Chinese are also in charge of the education of America? and that it was not done by the current President – Well I guess you have much to learn about the current situation, get the opportunity to really inform yourself, when you still have a bit of time. Stop being a politician follower and get back your brain. Swallow your opinions, close your ears from outside opinions. Read, research, inform yourself and then get a broader perspective of what is really going on behind the covid smoke screen. By the way , tell me, did you enjoy seeing fellow americans fighting in international wars? Have you ever checked how many lives was lost in these wars? and then did we have any war on the past 4 years? — so much for you to see if you allow yourself to free your mind from outside influences, but the only way you will really understand anything is if you research by yourself. Be brave and good luck 😉

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    Since Trump feels he is well enough to go home–will his regular staff be there to greet him? William Barr and the regular advisors must be greatly elated.

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    Treatment?!! What treatment?!! We all know a shot of disinfectant will cure Covid. MR POTUS said so.

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    The Murphy Manor

    So you all can't quit trying and trying. Now it's the drugs. America does not buy your lies. Border attacks, paid. Tried to do so to win latino votes, failed. Impeachment failed. Trying to escalate a racial protest in America with Biden saying you are not black if you don't vote for me, failed. Democrats you know what you were trying to do. Now you are questioning the greatest doctors in the world. I'll go ahead and say it, failed. One Nation under God. Trump 2020!!!!!! Vote all RED 2020 all the way to the Senate. The polls these guys are publishing are fake. Vote!!!!!

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    I hear a duck calling.

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    DK111122 221111KD

    Man what a team 🤣 they can't even lie or speak.does school teach u anything about living on your spirit or soul …of course not…..u guys are funny..learn how to live with the truth now..
    We are in this together forever

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