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Walmart Canada hiring 10,000 more employees

Walmart is hiring 10,000 more workers, including drivers, warehouse staff and other employees to meet Canadians’ demand for online shopping.

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  1. Avatar

    They are realizing that Amazon is eating their lunch

  2. Avatar

    For minimum wage ??? Most job seekers prefer to continue on government pogy , it pays more .

  3. Avatar

    Shut down all local businesses.

    Sorry we made you lose all your job's, here are your new jobs now..

  4. Avatar

    all those jobs were at the expense of smaller businesses that went under due to the government lockdown

  5. Avatar

    Everyone boycott Wal-Mart it's killing the ma and pa shops! Your dollars have powers in where it is spent and what it's spent on. Do not spend on these mega corporations, at the end of the day, it will hurt you too. If you don't understand this then please do a lot of research, read, read, read!

  6. Avatar

    Yeah, hiring 10,000 INDIAN employees. Cuz thats all I see employed at walmart. You see someone white, then they been there for years.

  7. Avatar

    Yeah, hiring 10,000 INDIAN employees

  8. Avatar

    Canadas economy is going to be in decline for decades, in line with our weakened global influence, while other nations expand their influence in Canada and continue to innovate by recruiting our best talent.

    Not to worry though, the plain clothed cop, politician and government employee will all be doing fine. Members of the protected class…

  9. Avatar

    10,000 low paying jobs with zero benefits and no union, fanfuckingtastic.

  10. Avatar

    Working for minimum wage isn't a win. Walmart needs to pay livable wages

  11. Avatar

    Can they buy the houses in GTA ?

  12. Avatar

    Lol minimum wage jobs awesome

  13. Avatar

    Let's destroy the local economy and replace it by offering unlivable wages

  14. Avatar

    Ahh, the race to the bottom. Does Walmart still receive billions in government subsidies?

  15. Avatar

    More walmart employees then soldiers in our army lol

  16. Avatar
    Jarrod Backman-Gallivan

    And the small local business fall, and the giant, faceless, multinational corporations swell.

    Truly a sad day.

  17. Avatar

    Just say no to Walmart.

  18. Avatar

    At min wage/part time

  19. Avatar

    Wal= law. Mart=martial. Walmart=martial law

  20. Avatar

    That's a good to hear

  21. Avatar

    Why? They give 20 hours only part timer cutting their hours and taking new employees

  22. Avatar

    Slavery job with minimum paid no way

  23. Avatar

    I don't shop on Amazon or Walmart, I support my Locals.

  24. Avatar

    Correct the title "Walmart hiring 10,000 more underpaid slaves"

  25. Avatar

    more jobs for Trudeau's brown immigrants…if your a white Canadian forget it

  26. Avatar

    So Amazon and Walmart are ti 2 left standing that is so great for workers NOT

  27. Avatar

    They give you minimum wage and those that are working there, do not get full hours, they are short staffed, but those that are working DO NOT get more than 28 hours a week and in many instances you are lucky to get 20 hrs.

  28. Avatar

    Predicting the future: everyone will be working for Wal Mart, McDonalds and Amazon.

  29. Avatar

    No covid at wal mart apparently

  30. Avatar

    Who in their right mind would work for this trash company?

  31. Avatar

    There you go. Who said Canadian government isn't looking after its citizens. Another 10000 Liberal voting socialists.

  32. Avatar

    More slave wage jobs while small business gets shut down and our taxes go to SUPER profitable oil and car companies.

  33. Avatar

    While small business must stay closed 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣 a real joke pesants 🤣🤣😂🤣😂😂😉😉😉😉😉 no c9vid or l9ck doen 4 them 😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️🆘️

  34. Avatar

    What if all those slaves/associates join a union? Oh right they tried that in Quebec and they closed the store right after the certification. No company has worked harder to prevent workers from unionizing than Wal-Mart.This corporation is largely responsible for the devastation of Canadian retail. Anyone remember Zellers, Woolco, Towers, Eaton's, Simpson Sears, Kresge's, and Woolworth? How many small businesses and downtown's have monopolization by mega corporations destroyed? It's past time that these behemoths were broken up under anti-trust legislation. This is not good economic news unless you happen to be an oligarch.

  35. Avatar

    Ad they will all go to newcomers (immigrants)

  36. Avatar

    10 000 jobs with the least competitive wages and benefits in the industry. Better than nothing but hard to live off a Walmart paycheque. I would know.

  37. Avatar

    That's because the Liberal government will pay them $5000 for every immigrant they hire and pay some of there wages…one of the Liberals were in a small Northern Ontario town and tried to get a business to hire them and that was the deal the Liberals where pushing. Needless to say he was told too get out. Don't need them don't want them.

  38. Avatar
    Margaret Ann Whalen

    The only ones making money are big business

  39. Avatar

    And they aren’t going to price match so they are gonna lose business

  40. Avatar
    Fat Woolly Temp Worker Hoser Canuck eh

    Walmart is still a lil dependable goto after work.

  41. Avatar

    WalMart is dead to me as long as there is a roastie at the door kvetching about me not wearing a mask🖕🏼

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