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Wall Street Moves Into China, Despite Tech and Trade Battles | WSJ

With tensions running high, Washington and Beijing have pushed to decouple technology and trade. But American financial firms including JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs are doubling down on investing in China and expanding headcount. Photo Composite: Crystal Tai

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  1. Avatar

    "Money has no race."

  2. Avatar

    Buy no brainer bullet proof cash rich companies: I bought Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Wells Fargo,

    CRM, Lululemon, Broadcom (AVGO), Adobe

    TRUST THE PROCESS. The stock market goes up in the long term because it takes 2 steps forward for every 1 step backward.

    There's a lot of money on the sidelines, and new 401K money

  3. Avatar
    That Guy Over There

    Trump 2020

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    Use me as your "I HATE CHINA" button

  5. Avatar

    wall street employees of China are sons or daughters of senior leaders of CCP.good job!

  6. Avatar

    Take it, all for you lol

  7. Avatar
    Amelia Foster Vivienne Perez

    Need lovely 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  8. Avatar
    Al Wa 王八 王八蛋 Winnie D pooh

    Wall Street is a casino they love to gamble.

  9. Avatar

    TBH they only "physically" move into China and China will never open their capital account period.

  10. Avatar

    Get out of China!!! NOW!

  11. Avatar

    It is wrong to let Wall Street in.

  12. Avatar

    why do people still thin tik tok will get banned it wont get banned.

  13. Avatar

    VOTE all republicans out of office there destroying the economy and killing people with there reckless ,careless, and undisciplined behaviour and habits. Vote out Trump, Graham, and Mcconnell OUT!.

  14. Avatar

    Yep, sounds like Obama and Hillary's 16 year plan. But, that plan has been dashed in the age of TRUMP. Now, these corrupt, big banks colluding with the CCP to control our nation and enslave every American citizen to a Communist regime are being investigated by President Trump's administration for money laundering and racketeering, espionage, and TREASON.

  15. Avatar

    Wall Street is funding the CCP's military against the U.S. There will be blood on their hands.

  16. Avatar

    "My life is my message"
    – Mahatma Gandhi

  17. Avatar
    Nibin Vidhyadharan

    What? WSJ financial report name is Jing Yang 😂, the new new WSJ is gonna pop-up in Beijing now.

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    I hope Biden wins
    TRUMP is a threat to global world order. Finish him

  19. Avatar
    Winston Rodrigues

    Long live Chinese empire.

  20. Avatar
    Yolanda Wilkinson

    WS riding the dragon like Joe

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    gunjan shrivastava

    All I can say is that companies care only about money. Just look at middle east. Saudi Arabia has so many Human Rights violations but companies still buy oil and trade with them. Lockheed Martin gave weapons to Saudi to bomb school children in Yemen. US went to war with Iraq, which profited its companies. US companies killed so many people just for profits. In Hong Kong or Taiwan, companies like NBA gave up to profit from Chinese market.
    So the only rule in capitalism is profits, by any means possible

  22. Avatar

    Isn't this treason???

  23. Avatar

    I speculate Wall Street mainly run by Communism China….sucking money from American investors to feed China military.
    Clean Wall Street must be done.

  24. Avatar
    why do people use sentences instead of nicknames?

    "Never trust quotes on the Internet"
    — Jesus Christ

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