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Wall Street Is Placing A Big Bet On Meatless Meat. Here’s why. | WSJ

Beyond Meat, Impossible Foods, and other traditional food companies are all betting the rise of meatless alternatives could permanently change the way people look at meat. But are they right? WSJ’s Akane Otani explains.

Photo: Beyond Meat

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    🔥🖤❣️😻🌈And …. THEY are..,.. DELICIOUS!!!!!!!🔥❣️😻🔥🌹✴️♥️✴️🌈😻🌈😻🖤❣️🖤🌹🌹🌹🔥🔥🔥❣️🖤

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    Hold the mic further from your mouth…

    …And invest in a pop-filter.

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    Why the shortages and high price?? Soy and corn are the biggest crops! Maybe it's because these companies have embraced the 'Organic' scam!

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    the reali italian carbonara recipe on my channel boyz 🙂

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    i think i have been eating this soy based meatlike thing since 10 years ago.The westeners are always years behind when it comes to innovation in food

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    To be honest, i really wouldn't mind switching to meatless meats, they seem like a pretty cool concept, i just wanna see these everywhere for them to make an impact

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    "…even bleed." I'm already grossed out.

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    Is it really cheaper to produce this non meat 🥩 ? The crazy thing about this is, all around the country the prices of vegetables 🍅 🌶 are at a all time high & cost more than real meat 🍖 🥩 not to mention farmers are filing for bankruptcy.

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