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Wales: supermarket aisles closed as 'firebreak' lockdown starts

Supermarkets have cordoned off shelves selling ‘non-essential’ items and many other retailers have closed entirely as Wales’ ‘firebreak’ lockdown kicks in.
The Welsh government’s 17-day lockdown began on Friday night, with bars, restaurants and most shops closing across the country. 
The ban on supermarkets selling non-essential items – and those supermarkets cordoning off shelves containing those items – has proved controversial.

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    Absolutely pathetic … sack the government ( and the guardian) as both spread lies , doom and gloom 😉🇬🇧👍 and PS : Trump 2020 👌( I put that in because it upsets the twisted left plus I actually do hope he secures a second term )

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    This is absolutely disgraceful. Unforgivable!

  3. Avatar

    We know far more about coronavirus than we did back in March. It is more dangerous after 10pm, it strikes pubs but not cafes, and Amazon warehouses have an immunity that simply cannot be obtained in other buildings.

  4. Avatar

    They only interviewed sheep in this video!

  5. Avatar

    Who decides what’s essential and not?

  6. Avatar

    Ironically the advert previous to this news report is from Visa and the person in the advert says “where are you shop matters “and absolutely right – the people of Wales should go to Tesco and tear the place apart !!! why anyone is accepting this I’ve no idea. Boycott Tesco who love this anyway!!!!

  7. Avatar

    And so it begins, the elite will choke the global food supply chain much worse over Christmas…

  8. Avatar

    Forcing everyone to buy online. Here in scotland restaurants and fast-food places arent accepting cash any more. So while the billionaires become trillianaires small businesses go bust.

  9. Avatar

    I laughed when the women said "people living in fantasy land not believing its real and not watching what's being said on the television". That's an inversion of reality, I was partially with her until she said the television bit.

  10. Avatar

    With comments like these Wales is fcuked

  11. Avatar

    Frying pans are the main source of the virus. This is sensible.

  12. Avatar

    🐑🐑🐑 herding.

  13. Avatar

    Heartbreaking to hear those two ladies comments on the report, the only people in fantasy land are the government.

  14. Avatar

    Time for a new government

  15. Avatar

    I could make a nice wool coat with all the sheep in this video

  16. Avatar

    This is pathetic

  17. Avatar

    She says people that don't believe it live in fantasy land but she knows nothing about it maybe get the facts before saying you know everything because the news tells you 🤣😂

  18. Avatar

    Embarrassing BS

  19. Avatar
    Tazuman Shemhamforash

    I need crayons to eat but now they're non essential

  20. Avatar

    Candles are not essential items??? Tell that to the people that have there electric cut off because they can't work and can't afford to pay there bills!

  21. Avatar

    Disgusting control ! Shameful

  22. Avatar

    Government controlling state
    New world order is coming 😱

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