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Wales restrictions: 17-day lockdown to come into force

Numbers are also rising fast in the United Kingdom, which reported 20,000 more infections and 224 deaths on Friday.
The so-called “firebreak” restrictions ban people from meeting anyone outside their households.
Only essential businesses are allowed to stay open.
Al Jazeera’s Paul Brennan reports from Cardiff, Wales.

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    i am the 3rd one

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    ام كرم -فلسطين . غزه

    السلام عليكم و رحمة الله و بركاته

    انا أختكم في الله ام كرم
    اسكن في فلسطين – قطاع غزه عندي 3أطفال زوجي اصابه مرض وتوفى قبل سنه الله يرحمه 😥
    نسكن في بيت إيجار والاجار متراكم علينا
    وممكن ان نطرد في أي يوم
    عندنا بيت غرفه وحمام ومطبخ يحتاج إلى ترميم و ينقصه نوافذ وبعض الأساسيات ممكن ان يريحنا من بيت الايجار
    أسألكم بالله يا أهل الخير المساعده والنظر الينا بعين الرحمه
    واحتاج مصاريف الأبناء للمدرسه
    ارجوكم واستحلفكم بالله الاهتمام والمساعدة 😥😥…..
    الرجاء التواصل عبر الواتس اب

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    Hello guys how r u 🥰

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    … Good for the pandemic! It is much more healthy to stay home and smoke weed and have thoughtful conversations, t h a n it is to be out running around like a hyperactive idiot! Thank you plant medicine.

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    Should i feel sorry for the whatever millions of dollars of lost revenue of whatever palace hotel or argue if the workers are paid/supported by their workplace meanwhile?

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    Hope the Chinese CCP Wuhan viruses will be banned….

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    The globalists are laughing all the way to the Bank & virtually all our Governments are liaring scheming cesspools of filth. They seek only to self destruct our entire world.

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    Let's all thank China.

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    That mask does not work it just makes you look silly put on the armor of Jesus Christ a one world government is being orchestrated through this pandemic the coronavirus isn't near as bad as they want you to believe it is

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    Post Covid side effects syndromes .Lungs and heart problems or nervous and neurological issue.

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    All the smart Welshmen got on a boat and went West, young man

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    Medicine drug treatment coming 1st for Covid 19 and 2nd vaccine coming.

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    After living under 8 months of lockdown in Victoria, Australia…. I say, don't listen to the lies of these left wing fear mongers. Average age of Covid death in Victoria, 83….average age of death in Victoria….82yo

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    I'm thinking about telling a joke about Covid…..but i reckon 99.6% of you won't get it

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    Gabriel Dragomirescu

    Hypocrisy at home. Under the mask of diplomacy you became incurable idiots swallowing all the lies of propaganda. U deserve your fate.

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    Get used to it. Democracy is an illusion.

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    Thank you brothers and sisters, thank God that you exist and help to raise awareness of the population…people like you help us to wake up, God bless you!
    * We need to wake up urgently before globalists kill and genetically modify all of us and our children with a vaccine, and then sell us to the beasts for parts…!!! *

    Once upon a time, the nazis and the gestapo terrorized the population like this…!
    Finally, the time has come for the human race to unite globally against globalists – satanists, whose goal is to enslave the world's population, all of us as well as our children and grandchildren…!
    For the globalists, as well as many other domestic and foreign psychopaths, it doesn't matter how we disappear, whether by war, vaccination, carbon dioxide poisoning due to wearing masks, this or that…the only thing that matters to monsters is to kill us and control survivors…!!!???

    The police should urgently decide whose side they will take, the side of their people or the side of psychopaths, criminals, satanists, globalists in the current government …?!

    * The ultimate goal of the globalist-monster is to reduce-genocide the world's population…!!! *

    This circus covid-19 mask is the best test of our intelligence, common sense, stupidity. Unfortunately, we have passed the test in favor of foreign and domestic globalists-monsters-reptiles-satanists-nazis.
    They probably have different methods, techniques, from reptilian social engineering, and with the help of the world health organization, psychopath gates and other beasts, together with domestic corrupt traitors, they dose us as needed…???!!!
    The vaccine will be the main exam that globalists will impose on us. Shall we pass again? If we are obedient as sheep and pass the exam again, then we can envy the sheep for their intelligence!
    * Wearing a mask our children are also poisoned by carbon dioxide, among other things…!!!

    All the best to all good people, brothers and sisters on our planet Earth…!!! <3

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    Y is he wearing that?

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    I hope no one takes any notice – our Welsh NHS has been overwhelmed in winter for years and years – this is a CASEDEMIC scam.

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    So sick of people allowing this BS. Wake up world and stop Tolerating this lie.

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    Thats beyond stupid for "a problem" that has a 99% survival rate.

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    Our state's death toll is at 209, with 131 new cases yesterday. We have a state mask mandate and stores hired door security to enforce this policy and check temperatures prior to entry. Employees have protective equipment. Police also wear masks, people cooperate because our Lt. Governor is a doctor and our state understand kokua – care about others & not to be selfish.

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    Frankenstein scientism with a splash of Satanism

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    more news about afghanistan there is something big going on

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    omg stop shutting everything down. WE have to learn how to live with it. JC after 9 months we obviously have to live with it. Locking down just prolongs it all.

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    Please people be smart don't listen to the conspiracy theorists bullshit in comments…take the threat of this virus seriously.. it will kill you…don't be like the United States!

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    Because of an illness that is less deadly than the flu

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    Ridiculous.. lockdowns are not for our health in any way. How do we stand up to the tyranny?

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    17 days turns into 17 Months… This is tyranical abuse by the government. 😡😡😡

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    Covid is a lie. Fear is the virus.

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    Who is this guy a spaceman ?

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    Time to grab whatever weapons you have and prepare for the last war

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    Pedophilia is the pandemic

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    The leftists are trying to take over every country with these psycho lockdown measures.

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    Yay, another lockdown which will cost how many more jobs and increase suicides. This scamdemic is an absolute disgrace, and our politicians are absolutely incompetent.

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    6 PM, Rule of 6, 6 Metres…..anyone seeing a pattern here? No?, ok, then carry on.

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    One day the correct term WILL be 'escape'! Scamdemic tyranny.

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    There huge cloaked alien vessel parked over the United Kingdom getting ready to round up the royal family? 😲😂

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    These government are the biggest idiots on earth. Let businesses survive so you can save people lives

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    God the guy on the stairs talking.. can feel the pain.. this is utter bullshit.

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    This makes me angry. How can so many people fall for this ruse so easily. Humans are pathetic creatures.

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    inside outside upside downside

    Lock-down in Wales? The result — absolutely Zero! The Welsh leader is a control freak puppet.

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    If people want the lockdown to end , cop on follow the rules, instead of been selfish

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    Eric In Costa Rica

    This is the NWO… resist it

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