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Wales imposes 16-day strict lockdown to control pandemic and protect NHS – BBC News

The Welsh government is imposing a 16-day lockdown across the country to regain control of the pandemic.

The First Minister, Labour’s Mark Drakeford, said that without a lockdown the NHS in Wales would not be able to cope in the weeks and months ahead.

However there’s been dismay and anger in parts of Wales where the number of coronavirus cases is still relatively low.

People will have to stay at home unless they’re key workers or can’t work from home. Pubs, restaurants, hotels and all non-essential shops will close.

Primary schools will reopen after half-term. Secondary school Years 7 and 8 will return but other pupils will learn from home.

Gatherings indoors and outdoors with people from other households will not be allowed.

Huw Edwards presents BBC News at Ten reporting by Wales correspondent Hywel Griffith.

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    Oven ready deal

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    More suicides than death from covid 19 but the media won’t report on that 👎

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    So lockdown the illegals at Penally camp too, and stop them going into Tenby to stalk females, and lockdown the beaches to stop illegals landing all over UK

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    How much more ppl are willing to take to see is all about control? Safety = control

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    Stop stop stop talking absolute bullshit babble the people are not suffering it ANYMORE! Fuck your support bubbles

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    Alot of wind & pish . Hot Air . LIARS & MURDERERS ..UNINTELLIGENT EVIL ……….

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    Black Flag Pirate

    What the hell is two weeks going to do Really!

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    More bullshit! This scam needs to end! People can see through it!

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    Absolute abuse.Dolphin square attendee.
    16 days Wales – terminology , is clear viewing against Donald Trump !
    Opportunism – could get prosecuted ! Play your cards !

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    Broadcasting bullshit corruption that's what you're paying for 🐑

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    I had a covid joke but 99.9 percent of you wouldn’t get it

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    Don't worry Wales. They are getting prosecuted , not least for heroine ! Stay calm and SUPPORT DONALD TRUMP !! You MUST believe me !
    Chickens of Tories coming home to roost ! – where's Neil ? – Oh at Illuminati meeting !

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    Boris’s job is to destroy our economy and nothing else

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    William Scott-ryan

    Fuck off new world order

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    Fun fact

    The NHS is there to protect us, not the other way around

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    Reichskaiser Siegfried

    We no longer should and will compy with those criminals who call themselves politicians! It's time to rebel! 💪

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    A watercress sandwich 565

    Bullshit , lies , controlled paranoia fuck these alien strangers who dictate our lives , we need to unite and get brutal , people this is war

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    The NHS is such a poor and shoddy system that the public needs to be locked up like zoo animals to protect it.

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    So…the penallly imigrants will ALSO not be allowed to walk about outside camp too,.. ??

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    What is another lockdown going to achieve exactly?

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    Ridiculous Wales is mostly countryside. Anyway who’s paying for this ?? England

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    How the coronavirus can go here one?

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    buy a decent mask, the disposables are causing a planet pollution problem

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    Zionist pandemic will keep on continuing

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    Protect NHS staff? Thats easy because virtually all of the hospitals are empty in Wales.

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