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Wales: 'Alcohol essential, hairdryer isn't?!'

Sky’s Kay Burley asks Wales’ Health Minister Vaughan Gething what comes under “essential items” after the Welsh Government banned shops selling ‘non-essential’ items during a ‘firebreak’ lockdown.

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  1. Avatar

    Thank the lord I live in England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿

  2. Avatar

    It’s more than a hairdryer she needs

  3. Avatar

    Couldn't she just order a hairdryer from Amazon?

  4. Avatar

    Politicians and bureaucrats like this arrogant chump are non-essential.

  5. Avatar

    Never heard anything as F ing daft, in my life.

  6. Avatar

    Lol. This made my day

  7. Avatar

    Her analogy went right over his head, and a lot of people in the comments by the look of it.

  8. Avatar

    She’s just trying to be difficult, she knows exactly what he means. Food and drink are categorised as needs and things like hair dryers are accessories. Just ask people in 3rd world countries. 😬

  9. Avatar

    This guy is the most inempt biased fool in the Welsh assembly his staff are just as incompetent and over paid non essential to the Welsh economy….. devolution is a non essential tax another level of idiots are not needed

  10. Avatar

    can't drunk with a hairdryer

  11. Avatar
    Dissident Expression

    A complete overreach and abuse of political power!
    They are not voted in to define what is and isn't "essential". Especially in a situation like this. Disgusting.

  12. Avatar

    Stop mothering the public

  13. Avatar

    Just use a towel, Karen!

  14. Avatar

    Hairdryers are essential there's nothing like a good blow

  15. Avatar

    They're shutting down recycling centers as well….under the 'broad brush' non essential travel restrictions….an open air environment?? Seems more like medical fascism to me.

  16. Avatar

    What's her problem, she aint Welsh?

  17. Avatar

    Glad I don't live in Wales. Lmao feel soz for supermarket workers explaining this.

  18. Avatar

    The government aren’t making much on hairdryers are they

  19. Avatar

    The man that broke his own rules.

  20. Avatar
    one legged wonder

    When the government are causing such a mess and shops like peacocks are closbuying clothes in supermarkets will be essential before we know it

  21. Avatar

    What can earth is wrong with these people?!

  22. Avatar

    This jerk wants a punch.

  23. Avatar

    Trust kay to mention hairdryer. Sums her up. What she should of asked was what happens if someones cooker, fridge or kettle breaks!

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