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VP Debate: Pence on claim Trump won't condemn white supremacists: "He has Jewish grandchildren"

During the U.S. vice presidential debate on Wednesday, Sen. Kamala Harris argued that U.S. President Donald Trump refused to condemn white supremacists and neo-Nazis in the wake of demonstrations in Charlottesville and elsewhere, referencing his oft-quoted remark that there were “good people on both sides” of the debate.

In response, Vice President Mike Pence defended the president saying he has condemned such groups repeatedly and went as far as to bring up the fact of Trump’s “Jewish grandchildren” as proof that he did not harbor white supremacist views or would hesitate to condemn white supremacist organizations.

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  1. Avatar

    2:44 Beautiful 💋💋love u💋💋

  2. Avatar

    Lord of the flies

  3. Avatar
    Adrienne Catherine Cooper

    Global news just carefully edited!!! Proof of what Penske was talking about! Pathetic

  4. Avatar

    Global News is Canada’s CNN 🤢

  5. Avatar

    "You ain't black if you don't vote for Biden" Democrats believe they are the gatekeepers of racial identity.

  6. Avatar

    Pence says Trump has condemned the KKK and White nationalists numerous times and the media still won't report that .. let that sink in

  7. Avatar

    Pence is correct.

  8. Avatar

    Media just can’t acknowledge what the actual statement was. Trump did condemn racists. That is a fact.

  9. Avatar

    The extreme left lie with every breath they take. Pence smoked her and it was beautiful! Selective edits!

  10. Avatar

    I can't believe Global would allow the TRUTH that Trump has condemned white supreme's many many times to be aired!

  11. Avatar

    I have white friends as well

  12. Avatar

    You should be ashamed of yourself Global News. Spinning this idea. Pence is absolutely right. Nobody believes you guys anymore. Nothing but lies. You cut Pence off while allowing Kamala to blather on in her mind controlled manner. May God have mercy on your souls.

  13. Avatar

    Kameltoe is well on her way to becoming 0-2 in her bid to become president…..or anything in general.

  14. Avatar
    Young Republican

    As an enthusiastic Trump voter, she WILL be the next president. I think the mountain is too big for Trump to climb in such a short time

  15. Avatar
    You're Only Human After All

    Oy Vey!

  16. Avatar
    Jaroslaw Pilsudski

    Both parties are anti-white and only work for Jewish interests.

  17. Avatar

    Everyone is commenting on this being cut off but..the fly did win the show…lol…Pence has no personality and just parrots the conman Trump. Trump has never condemned any of those groups.

  18. Avatar

    Canadian news outlets are just as bad as their American counterparts in twisting and slanting everything to support leftist ideologies. Even the National Post is starting to slide leftwards. Oy vey !

  19. Avatar

    Yes…. but does tRump love his Jewish grandchildren as much as the rest? The man incites racism and violence….has since day one and will continue to do so.

  20. Avatar

    May God bless this mess. I can't understand how a Christian such as Mike Pence ignore true facts of his boss on tv unedited tell a group to "stand back, stand by" after being pressed to denounce racism, and still blame any and everyone. Shameful and disappointing.

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    Do you constantly ask an Imam to condemn Islamic extremism simply because he's Muslim? No, we don't, you MSM calls that Islamophobic and racist.
    Well this is now starting to be racist to Trump. Isn't the 20 times already, including well before he even ran for presidency, enough? Just because we're W doesn't mean we have to constantly denounce W supremacists/nationalist.

  22. Avatar

    And he did deny white supremacists. You just weren't listening. Not unusual. Biden called blacks 'super predators'.

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