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VP Debate: Pence calls Harris' attack on Trump's military statements "absurd" and "slander"

During the U.S. vice presidential debate on Wednesday, Vice President Mike Pence defended U.S. President Donald Trump after Sen. Kamala Harris brought up reports that the president had called former and fallen soldiers as “suckers” and “losers.”

U.S. President Donald Trump allegedly refused to pay tribute to fallen American soldiers at a First World War cemetery in Paris in 2018, complaining about the rain and dismissing the dead as “losers” and “suckers,” according to multiple reports.

The White House and the president have denied the reports.

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    because it IS, trump NEVER said those things, give me proof he did not just some written article from media outlets who want him out just cause he hurt there feelings.

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    Joe Biden…..could have done better than Harris.

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    Why is she so dumb

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    Kamala she is liars

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    Binden alzheimer

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    Trump/pence 2020

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    That woman makes my skin crawl

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    Ya gotta vote for Biden or you ain't Black .

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    I've voted NDP then liberal all my life . 2019 I voted right for the first time . Why ? The left hates my son's blonde hair and blue eyes . My dad warned me in the 90s that I too will become a middle aged swm that is universally hated . I hate you lefties for making my father right . The left is factually Europhobic , heterophobic and misanthropic .

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    Honestly no women should be in charge they get over bored

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    Kamala ur ain’t going no where
    Look what happen to Alexander occasio Hahahah no sound from here

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    Ridiculous Kamla did ur family serve in the military or did you lock up innocent people for life

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    GLOBAL regurgitates Kamala lies without vetting. So disappointed with this organization. Mimic the DNC strategists is all the rage for the last 4 years.

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    She is so pitiful I have to go puke

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    Omg she’s so boring !!

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    Cannot stand listening to her lies, they are just so damn awful. She wants to be Vice President, really ?

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    She also said 2pac is the greatest rapper alive so really….

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    It's time to go after and Sue the CBC and federal government for Terrorism

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    Kamala Harris is the embodiment of all that is 💩. She is a lying evil entity.

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