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VP debate: Kamala Harris says she would not take a Trump recommended vaccine | USA TODAY

Sen. Kamala Harris says she would not receive a COVID vaccine if Trump recommended it.
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Kamala Harris says she would absolutely take a vaccine if it was recommended by public health professionals, but not if only President Trump says to.

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  1. Avatar

    So there is some good news, Harris won’t take the vaccine.

  2. Avatar
    ABAD9999 ABAD9999

    So Kamala is an anti vaxxer?

  3. Avatar

    Kamala Harris took it in the shorts tonight! Ouch!!!

  4. Avatar

    Hey guy's don't take the vaccine cause we low key want more of you to die.

  5. Avatar

    Can anyone blame her? Trump is the biggest joke of the US and they have the Kardashians.

  6. Avatar

    At the end pence says after a good debate we should come together as americans yet harris attempts to divide the nation on racial background

  7. Avatar

    Well i wonder what race she will be the next time her agenda changes.

  8. Avatar

    "FINISH HER" banner should of dropped half way through this landslide debate! Pence destroyed her!

  9. Avatar
    Magnetic Metallica

    Well Trump took the Trump recommended medicine and seems to be doing pretty F'n good.

  10. Avatar

    Cameltoe did well tonight but rumor has it she is a master debator.

  11. Avatar

    Didnt Trump state that the virus was a State issue and would not use federal resources. He blasted the states for not being prepared?

  12. Avatar

    Trump doesn’t want to fully vet the vaccine. Canada is committed to testing through every necessary phase. I don’t get why it’s hard to understand the importance of testing it?

  13. Avatar

    I would never take a rushed drug that was approved by trump.

  14. Avatar

    The moderator was a travesty…every question had a negative element towards Trump and not one difficult question of Kamala such as her racist and sexual predator accusations of Biden during the primaries or hitting her and Biden for flip flopping on fracking

  15. Avatar

    Spoken like a true partisan hack playing people’s lives to get political gain.

  16. Avatar

    She LOST that one👎🏼

  17. Avatar

    Wow TDS is strong with Kamala LOL

  18. Avatar
    Citizen of the Free World USA One

    …I didn’t know until tonight…Pence has a powerful left hand of Mike Tyson…wow…Pence did a couple of sucker punches on hypocrisy kamala…wow…Pence calmed, slowly, answered all the questions ….and shocked, knocked down the one voted to do the impeachment hoax…what a karma…la….!….

  19. Avatar

    I think we can all agree…

    The moderator, unlike Wallace, did a nice job. Well done.

  20. Avatar

    She so fake she can't even hold a straight face. One of the biggest traits of a lier.

  21. Avatar
    Black Sheep Comic Collector

    Trump 2020

  22. Avatar
    Last Man Standing

    I like how she tried the race card with her white husband she's fake AF

  23. Avatar

    Harris, running on race and not the content of her character HARRIS IS ALL LIES

  24. Avatar

    I only trust Fauci in this pandemic..

  25. Avatar

    Harris is vile

  26. Avatar

    Harris doesn't need the vaccine. the amount of skank in her system will kill anything anyway. This isn't exactly shocking news.

  27. Avatar
    Tell me something

    Biden sorry I can't join you and sale America, but I'm gonna join Trump and save America; I can't do this anymore and I don't wanna hurt my country: I love America.

  28. Avatar

    😂😂 Y'all been watching the wrong debate, Pence is a bootlicker.

  29. Avatar

    Harris undermines everyone and judges when she's not done anything but encourage people to tear up and burn more business.

  30. Avatar

    Kamala is disaster! 😂

  31. Avatar

    There YOU go: "rules for thee, but not for me", nothing new with Demo.

  32. Avatar
    Black Sheep Comic Collector

    Trump 2020 PENCE 2024

  33. Avatar

    Black people wont be taking it as well. Y’all can have it and we’ll think about based on your families outcome…. 💯🙅🏽‍♀️

  34. Avatar

    The advertisement before this video , was grandparents at war staring Robert Denuro ….so fitting ….all I know is Dems have been trying to throw Trump in jail for almost 4 years…..I think all hell is going to Breck out after the vote ….no matter who wins.

  35. Avatar

    Ok… When did the debate began?😏😏😏

  36. Avatar

    Anyone ..
    I mean anyone that trust Trump or Pence,after the lies they have told Americans, well..Are just fools..

  37. Avatar

    The fact that she doesn't understand that it's not made by Donald Trump proves that she's an idiot and not suited for public office. Of course for a woman who got where she is by spreading her legs then it's no surprise.

  38. Avatar

    biden/harris 2020. an articulate president & vice president in office please. conservatives just find the nearest liberal to explain things in layman's (simple language) terms for you, for next 8 years. everyone knows you all lack basic comprehension skills hence why you love donald "the biggest word i know is tremendous that's why i use it every chance i get" trump so much.

  39. Avatar

    morons for trump

  40. Avatar

    Heads up my fellow Americans ; Putin's shit eating bot's. Again

  41. Avatar

    But the vaccine might have side effects with her herpes infection.

  42. Avatar

    Kamala thinks Trump is creating the vaccine from his lab in the white house??

  43. Avatar

    Anti science Camel toe hairy ass got whooped

  44. Avatar

    HA ha Harris! Ha what a joke!! Willy Brown will put her back on the street making that money,IF SHE DON'T Get that job. HA ha ha ha!

  45. Avatar

    You SUCK Kamala!

  46. Avatar

    She got 1percent of the dem vote before dropping out of the primary. Yeah no one wants her.

  47. Avatar
    American Crusader

    harris = pure garbage

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