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VP debate 2020: Harris and Pence clash at Utah debate – BBC News

It was more civil than the presidential debate, but there were still moments of tension between Senator Kamala Harris and Vice-President Mike Pence.

Watch the key moments from the only vice-presidential debate – and yes, we’ll show you the fly.

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  1. Avatar

    If a fly is all you can focus on, Pence won.

  2. Avatar

    Covid is not an American invention. Hey Ms Harris its everywhere around the world! Where the Democrats are closer to the truth is about climate change and its causes I feel.

  3. Avatar

    Incredible.BBC instead of focusing on content or right solutions left stucked on a fly

  4. Avatar

    Can't wait to see the cry baby left wing news readers faces on sky & BBC when they read out Trump's victory .

  5. Avatar

    Like creepy Joe Kamaltoe will not answer the question about packing the courts.
    If these demons steal the election it is curtains for the constitution, law and order and America as we know it.

  6. Avatar

    Pence and Trump probably went to their debates knowingly with Covid 19 in hopes of infecting their competition.

  7. Avatar
    James Bennett-Mcnulty

    HUGE and CRUCIAL win here for the Vice President. Hats off to him for a carefully dismantling senator harris and exposing her blatant hypocrisies with FACTS and LOGIC.

    Commiserstions to Senator Harris on her humiliating defeat and Congratulations to Vice President Pence and here's to FOUR MORE YEARS!!!

  8. Avatar

    Toilet paper 😂 every country had toilet paper shortages

  9. Avatar

    Not a representative extract from the debate – watch the whole thing; Harris came across as an obnoxious and manipulative lightweight, anchored to a presidential candidate in Biden with cognitive decline this nicely showcased the DNC ticket this year. Yuk.

  10. Avatar

    Embarrassing editing from BBC – move attention away from the most important points being made in the section by focusing on a fly. Get a grip

  11. Avatar

    Ooh, all the neo-Nazi racists idolizing the bloated coward and his prostitute/wife are showing up here!

  12. Avatar

    His 1997 2020 American USA 🇺🇸 President 1996 2020 Royal Uk 🇬🇧 Prime Minister Downing Street 🗽👑🌎👑🗽🇺🇸🇸🇦🇬🇧🌲🗽Facto facts 🗽Donald Trump and joe Biden evicted out of USA 🇺🇸 for cases plus let theirs be justice for the baby’s and young children’s ⚖️🚔⏰🛅🗽

  13. Avatar
    Deadlock Redlock

    From this video I don’t think mike pence was asked anything, it was a Q&A for Harris

  14. Avatar

    Democrats are the most vile party since the Nazis. Truly awful people.

  15. Avatar

    Now stop it everyone, you all know that the BBC only represent the people of London.

  16. Avatar

    That fly could smell bull Sh**

  17. Avatar

    WHy Harris and Pence? any point except preference?

  18. Avatar

    Something for the cry baby left to delete – https://youtu.be/F9BD6dM7hzs

  19. Avatar

    Down With BBC News

  20. Avatar

    God Bless President Donald Trump

  21. Avatar

    She’s nasty 🤢

  22. Avatar

    Why do flies land on poop?

  23. Avatar

    Kamala is a nasty racist, hateful woman!

  24. Avatar

    Biden for president!

  25. Avatar

    BBC clearly one sided here

  26. Avatar

    Plagiarism..thats something joe biden would know a little bit about…..world class cuss…pence dropped A bomb…harris did very well…this election beats all those dancing on ice and Britain's got paedos on speedos shows….i like these 2….also i like trump an biden….they beat doris boris Johnson all day long…

  27. Avatar

    I’ve voted for democrats in the past. However, I’ve never seen the party so desperate that they would just put any one on the ticket. The fact that the party is willing to go so radical has turned me off. I am voting for Trump . I rather take the poison I know than the poison I don’t. The non answer to the Supreme Court packing confirmed to me that they are willing to do anything for power.

  28. Avatar

    My family and i just VOTED BIDEN TODAY. So proud of voting. BIDEN 2020 💙🙏🏼

  29. Avatar

    Good job that fly. Zombie Mikes actual message totally forgotten.

  30. Avatar
    C Jam The Patrician aka Bill Door

    Joe Biden parody https://youtu.be/jSHbv4uMXuY

  31. Avatar
    C Jam The Patrician aka Bill Door

    Joe Biden creep https://youtu.be/eu8uKjh4LfU

  32. Avatar

    I wonder what they will do when certain 'realisations' become self evident
    They don't have very much time at all

  33. Avatar

    Kamala Harris had a smirk on her face for most of it and kept pulling these very stroppy teenager-like faces loaded with an attitude. Mike Pence was calm, gentle, courteous, stuck to the facts and extremely professional and dignified. Kamala back tracked on lots of issues, videos of her and Biden seen and heard saying one thing and now denying it – but its on video?! She doesn't deserve to be the potential first ever female President. I am sure there are plenty of better female candidates than her.

  34. Avatar


  35. Avatar
    Reichskaiser Siegfried

    I'd prefer them as presidential candidates to Trump and Biden! 🇺🇸🗽

  36. Avatar

    I find it hard that they blame the economy On Trump after the world is rocked by global pandemic. I don’t think any countries economy is doing great right now. The recession isn’t caused by economic plans but more of national emergency, and global health crisis. Voters should honestly look at who would be more capable of rebuilding and rebounding the economy after the pandemic……. there are my two cents thank you for listening to my Ted talk lol

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  38. Avatar

    I didn't even know Mike pence was this good at speaking more and more I'm siding with trump🤝🏿🇺🇸

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