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Voting 'makes things better': Barack Obama praises youth

Barack Obama has praised young Black Lives Matter demonstrators saying they gave him ‘optimism’, during a discussion with black male community leaders ahead of a drive-in rally for Joe Biden on Wednesday night.
At his Philadelphia campaign event, Obama emphasized the need for young voters to make it to the polls to ensure a better future for the country

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  1. Avatar

    Youth that’s weird for him to talk about youth 🤮

  2. Avatar

    It sounds like he's Preaching!!

  3. Avatar

    even if you want to vote for trump go do it…. thats how important voting is to him

  4. Avatar

    Fill the crowd with Trump supporters.
    Obama: "Voting…… it makes no sense. It changes nothing! It actually makes things worse…."

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    i thought only humans had to wear a mask !

  7. Avatar

    Obama has been pulled out of retirement to campaign for Biden?
    Democrat internal polling on Biden’s chances of winning must be awful.

  8. Avatar

    Worst president is US history 👎🏽 🤮

  9. Avatar
    pretty-fly for-a-WiFi.

    Bathhouse Barry

  10. Avatar

    Speaking up for a youth the Democrats want to imprison with lockdowns, driving the depression & suicide risk up even higher, and ruining their economic futures in order to ‘save’ already v.sick elderlies at the end of their lives.

  11. Avatar

    How’s all the millions you stole from the American people treating you Barack Hussein Obama ?

  12. Avatar

    Barry looks different with his muzzle on

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    Arianna Mercado Rosa Strickland

    Subscribe to the channel to watch hot videos 😍💋 💝💖 ♥ ️❤️

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    Trump ,선거인단 350석확보 ㅡ드럼프당선확실시 ㅡok

  15. Avatar

    i like how Biden had to bring out Obama just to stand a chance

  16. Avatar
    Karen loves Disneyoncé and the NFLJZ

    He’s speaking live in Pennsylvania rn, strengthening my resolve with his truth. Bless Obama but Biden won’t turn over Congress. He can’t.

  17. Avatar

    8 years of Obama lead to Trump

  18. Avatar


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    Seriously, Biden is that weak that he needs his buddy to campaign for him, not his son though…

  20. Avatar

    Obama is a criminal. Also committed treason. Should be in prison. Disgusting.

  21. Avatar

    Just say no we can’t, don’t 🗳

  22. Avatar

    Why don't you just go HOME! You had your time. Enough is enough!!

  23. Avatar

    Voting didn't make anything better in 2008 and 2012. We just got a continuation of george w bush policies. Continued and expanded wars and more loss of liberty with a higher cost of living. Go away democrats.

  24. Avatar
    Audrius Bacevicius

    Best ever!!! Obama❤

  25. Avatar

    “They conceive mischief, and bring forth vanity, and their belly prepareth deceit.”
    — Job 15:35 (KJV)

  26. Avatar

    The most beloved president in modern times. ‼️⚖️🗽❤️🏳️‍🌈

  27. Avatar

    You can hear the lack of conviction and energy in his voice. He no longer believes what he's saying like he did in 2008.

  28. Avatar

    Only when the democratic plantation can steal an election, ain't that right obama. Shake your head yes.

  29. Avatar

    I wish Obama wouldn't cheapen voting like this, after what the DNC pulled in the 2020 and 2016 primaries.

  30. Avatar

    Biden sold our jobs to China while his family got rich from Chinese money.

  31. Avatar
    hillbilly beer dranker

    Obama opened the border and let ill eagles invade us. Creepy Joe plans to do the same. Just say NO to Joe.

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