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Vladimir Putin scores eight goals in ice hockey match then falls over on victory lap

Russian president Vladimir Putin further burnished his action man status after scoring at least eight goals in an exhibition ice hockey game in Sochi. The 66-year-old leader breezed past largely static defenders several times to help his side to a 14-7 victory – before falling flat on his face while taking a victory lap

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  1. Avatar

    A man of many talents

  2. Avatar

    great man

  3. Avatar

    Not even Kim Jong Un would subject himself to such forced adulation. It’s surrealy absurd. 😶

  4. Avatar

    NELK brought me here

  5. Avatar

    Старый педофил упал!!!

  6. Avatar

    searched Putin hockey expecting he alteaest knew how to or used to play lmao

  7. Avatar

    Is this this why those doctors "fell from the windows"…? 🤔

  8. Avatar

    I hope the NHL does this with Trump…

  9. Avatar

    I'd be scared to be the goalie

  10. Avatar

    His player rating in NHL would be about a 7

  11. Avatar

    he's like an ageless Jaromir Jagr

  12. Avatar

    Lmaooo he fell on beat I'm dead

  13. Avatar

    Look at beautiful woman , so he felt down. His favourite.

  14. Avatar

    I don't think any other world leader would be able to play ice hockey …curious to see how Trudeau skates

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    SwampDonkey 0555

    Love how the team makes him wear a white helmet so the opposing team can identify him

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    whoever disliked this you are dead to me and everyone else

  17. Avatar

    Why is he not W I D E

  18. Avatar

    Someone's gonna die for that Humiliation.

  19. Avatar

    Wasn’t expecting that in my recommended

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    This looks like the Soviet Union never actually ceased to exist lol
    This is so much funnier than the barely alive Brezhnev or a drunk Yeltsin… :))))

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    Really? Replays in slow motion.
    For christ's sake! It's already hockey on valium!
    President KGB should stick to riding horses with no shirt on. You can be John Wayne, acting like you're a tough guy, and less chance of making a fool of himself by tripping over a
    Gotta go. Someone's pounding on my front door. Who could it be now?

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