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Virus mutations could mean more contagious strain of COVID-19

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➡️ The United Kingdom records more Coronavirus deaths than Italy. More than 29 thousand people have known to have died of the virus, but is the actual number much higher?

➡️ Spain’s State of Emergency: Prime Minister, Pedro Sanchez, wants it extended for a further 2 weeks, we look at how the vote may go.

➡️ Back to school or stay at home? The French President is urged to delay reopening classrooms because the timetable is “untenable and unrealistic”

➡️ After Europe’s longest lockdown, how Italians are enjoying their cappuccinos and gelatos as the country enjoys new al Fresco freedoms.


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  1. Avatar

    I agree with whatever Professor Bulloux is saying

  2. Avatar
    Craig Browning

    Quite Possibly
    "Made in the USA."

  3. Avatar
    Happy Traveler

    not a big deal. viruses mutate if you have built up immunity to the original strain your well equipped to fight it off

  4. Avatar

    I could also get more or less damaging and fatal.

  5. Avatar

    No to vaccine sponsored by a man who thinks the population of the world is too high and whose father was chief of Planned Parenthood, organization harvesting human's embryos and fetuses as the base of their vaccines. We will not bow to the richest man in the world as most of the brainless politicians do.

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