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Virginia governor says he won't work under "cloud of intimidation" amid alleged kidnapping plot

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam said on Tuesday that he would not work under a “cloud of intimidation,” after an FBI agent testified that some of the suspects accused of trying to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen Whitmer also contemplated doing the same to Northam.

He said he would not comment further as it was an ongoing investigation, but emphasized he and Virginia First Lady Pamela Northam were safe.

Northam spoke about COVID-19 measures, which Whitmer had also come under criticism for from President Donald Trump, saying that the CDC offered guidelines but then Trump had said to “liberate Virginia.” He said it was an example of “mixed messages” coming from Washington and that “words have meaning to people. The president had also, around the same time, encouraged his followers on Twitter to “liberate Michigan.”

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  1. Avatar

    The worst is yet to come for traitors who are betraying the American 🇺🇸 people who trusted them wholeheartedly!!!

  2. Avatar

    "But I will wear blackface and a klansman outfit for Halloween" right governor?
    Or perhaps you meant to say "I will not work." And just end it there

  3. Avatar

    Yea! You should do something about the radical left!

  4. Avatar

    The only intimidation happening is from antifa and blm who are viciously attacking anyone who is conservative. There was no kidnapping and anything even remotely close to an actual kidnapping. You know how many people on the internet say they want to kill or kidnap politicians hahahahah

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    Liberate Washington D.C. …. & these United States of America! Everyone VOTE!

  6. Avatar

    Nice chin diapers

  7. Avatar

    Another one lol

  8. Avatar

    i dont believe this story!

  9. Avatar

    Free ontario now, open the border push back at any govt overeach

  10. Avatar
    Carmine Lupertazzi

    Who’s the broad throwing gang signs?

  11. Avatar

    During this pandemic, all governors, mayors, and politicians showed their true colors whether they’re serving the people who elected them or they serving others for undisclosed agenda against the people.

  12. Avatar

    Nervous in the service.

  13. Avatar

    LOL. LEO is about to get busier.

  14. Avatar

    Xi Jinping and his Politburo gang in Beijing, China 🇨🇳, must have received lots of court summons and notifications of Class Action lawsuits by now.
    For Argentinian 🇦🇷criminal charges, an international arrest warrant might have been issued to Xi Jinping.
    Class Action lawsuits:
    – 🇬🇧 UK, demanding for $6.5 trillion in damage. This amount is about 6 times the Treasury Bonds that China is holding.
    – 🇪🇬 Egypt, seeking for $10 trillion.
    – 🇮🇹 Italy – Lombardy, seeking $20 billion in damages.
    – 🇺🇸 USA, 2 class action lawsuits, one in Florida and one in Texas. One is pursuing $20 trillion in damage.
    – 🇺🇸USA – Missouri state, seeking unspecified monetary compensation.
    – 🇺🇸USA – Mississippi state, seeking unspecified monetary compensation.
    – 🇺🇸 USA – New Yorkers, seeking unspecified monetary compensation.
    – 🇺🇸 USA –  DoJ has filed criminal charges against a Chinese company selling half of million fake N95 facemasks to the US.
    – Turkey, suing for negligence seeking unspecified monetary compensations.
    – 🇳🇬 Nigeria, suing China for $200 billion compensation.
    – 🇦🇷 Argentina , criminally charged Xi Jinping and his Politburo gang.
    Look it up if you don't believe this.

    —> Contact your lawyers to get the Chinese money.

  15. Avatar

    Isn’t this they guy who wore blackface or a KKK outfit?

  16. Avatar

    not an original idea, only this time , it WAS CLEARLY FUNDED AND PRO ORCHISTRATED

  17. Avatar

    It's been slow but swamps draining and peeps are getting nervous.

  18. Avatar

    the leader of the group was a FBI agent who led the rest of these idiots by the nose so they could have this story.

    The media is telling you the plotters are trump supporters even though their social media shows them supporting antifa / BLM and attending BLM rallies

  19. Avatar
    shadowbanned bycbcctv

    Does your wife keep them in her purse all the time. Too much soy.

  20. Avatar

    Every comment is either a paid troll or an insane person. wow. The hard right really doesn't like being outed as the source of ALL violence.

  21. Avatar

    The fascists are restless tonite…

  22. Avatar

    Another nut case politician.

  23. Avatar

    Why is he under so much hot water for this speech? All I took from the first half of it was that he makes an honest living and won't be intimidated.

  24. Avatar

    What's wrong buttercup? Now you know what it's like to be part of the Republican party for the last 4 years.
    I hope the threats continue you bastards deserve it. What comes around goes around..🖕🖕

  25. Avatar

    I can’t see comments

  26. Avatar

    Blackface Ralph Northam

  27. Avatar

    Baby killer Northam……

  28. Avatar

    I don't support the intimidation of politicians, or obviously attacks against them.

    That said, these people clearly believed him to be a tyrant, as well as the governer of Michigan. This is a problem, not only with those people, but with the Governers themselves. If there are people that believe you're tyrannical, you've done something very wrong.

  29. Avatar

    What do you expect when you're so corrupt the fact that you're working for government means you don't care about anyone else but yourselves now you got us all on lockdown for something that has a death rate the same as the flu come on I don't wanna see anyone get hurt but Karma has a funny way of showing itself

  30. Avatar

    I like him.

  31. Avatar

    Fake drama queen. He's the same guy that wanted to defund the police and now he's calling for there help

  32. Avatar

    It's fascinating how these groups that would kidnap them seem to hate Trump, but these politicians somehow ignore that and go off on something completely different.
    Please stop lying or omit information when it doesn't suit your political career. You're no better than any other politician including Trump.

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    You Dont Know Me MOM


  34. Avatar

    That's blackface Ralph Northam

  35. Avatar

    Sic Semper Tyrannis (snicker)

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    heres an actual useful fact for people: they are making people mentally ill through food ( pasteurized dairy, vegetable oils, gmo wheat, refined sugars) at least you can take something away and better your life from this useless video

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    Blame Trump he is immune to many things. .

  40. Avatar

    we should start calling it as it is seen, "Communist America" 🙂

  41. Avatar

    The clowns that were going to kidnap Gretchen witless were antifa says the FBI,since the dummycrats say antifa doesn't exist then there's no reason this wimp can't keep working.

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