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Virat Kohli on being called 'immature', India's World Cup hopes and South Africa's injury woes

Virat Kohli has brushed aside criticism by Kagiso Rabada after the South African cricketer said the India captain ‘comes across as very immature for me’. Rabada told the Cricket Monthly that while Kohli is a ‘phenomenal player’, he believes a tense exchange the two shared during the IPL this year shows ‘he can’t take the abuse’. Kohli responded to the comments saying: ‘I’ve played against Kagiso many times and I think we can discuss anything that needs to be discussed man-to-man.’  India begin their World Cup campaign against South Africa, who have lost their opening two matches, on 5 June in Southampton.
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  1. Avatar

    I'm Indian and feel that sometimes he behaves bit immaturely…..in rage

  2. Avatar

    As a pakistani I really like virat and he is a fantastic player. Best batsman in world. Like watching him bat and wish him all best in WC 19.

  3. Avatar

    1:20 Kohli gave the middle finger to Rabada 🤣

  4. Avatar

    Actions speak louder than words. putting on glasses doesnt make someone mature lol.

  5. Avatar

    how many noticed that virat shown middle finger on 1:19. he is mature and at the same time he said just f**k off. cool virat.

  6. Avatar
    Guardian Sport

    South Africa's woes continue with Dale Steyn ruled out of World Cup ► https://www.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jun/04/south-africa-bowler-dale-steyn-is-ruled-out-of-cricket-world-cup

  7. Avatar
    Chrysty Pandey

    It's his aggression…..there are a lot of players who are aggressive…..And they do something like this…..Has Rabada ever seen himself…. He is not mature either if he says such things in a press conference…..What matters is the performance not aggression…..This is really sick…..

  8. Avatar

    1:18 middle finger to rabada🤣🤣

  9. Avatar

    Take tht mid fing Rabada 😂😂😂

  10. Avatar

    People always talk smack but he's the one out there doing it while the haters are sat on their chair wishing they were!!

  11. Avatar

    Hah ….he showed middle finger to rabada ( 1:18 )

  12. Avatar

    Wow super intelligent responses

  13. Avatar
    Srinivas Rohith

    How handsome he is

  14. Avatar

    I don't like matured virat i like him when he fucks opposition with his bat and words both

  15. Avatar

    VIRAT KOHLI : ICC ODI RANK #1… Bow Down😂😂

  16. Avatar

    I don't care if he is mature or immature doesn't matter. Jst Win and Slay.
    We are miles away from his pool of talent he is a player not a Guru. see his bat not him

  17. Avatar

    Kohli already knew what Rabada said. He came with the prepared answer. Rabada said the truth about his character. Kohlis time is over in cricket

  18. Avatar
    Aravinda Priyadarshana

    kohli will be a better batsman than tendulkar and will be the greatest – a sri lankan

  19. Avatar

    It is a known fact that both India and England plays more cricket in a year than South Africa…. Which I think is extremely unfair… Hence you'll have much more time to select the best 11 players…. Do bare in mind that alot of South African players have taken kolpak deals or else you guys would be looking at a much more formidable pace attack that South Africa destroyed you'll with in the past…. Watch out for upcoming South African bowlers…. Anrich Nortje…. He clocks 150 kph consistently and is going to be steyn's long term replacement…. Rabada has had too much to do in the last few years that went by so the workload has taken a big toll on him… But a well rested rabada paired up with a firing nortje will rip through India's batting in the next series…. As for batting…. Keep a close eye on jenneman malan… Reeza hendricks…. Cloete and klaasan

  20. Avatar

    only style , no cricket

  21. Avatar
    इस्लामिक terrorist कचरा सेठ

    2016 , 2017 no chat with bowlers .

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