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Violent protests over Mi'kmaw fishery in Nova Scotia

Tempers are again flaring up in Nova Scotia over the Supreme-Court-protected rights of Indigenous lobster harvesters to fish outside the commercial season. As Ross Lord explains, the situation is getting violent.

A work van was set on fire and a catch of lobster was destroyed when a crowd of commercial fishermen vandalized two fishing compounds in southwestern Nova Scotia on Tuesday.

The incidents, the latest in continuing tensions between Indigenous and non-Indigenous fishers in Nova Scotia, allegedly occurred at two locations, one in Central West Pubnico, N.S., and the other in New Edinburgh, N.S.

One of the most heated exchanges saw multiple people trapped inside a facility in Central West Pubnico, N.S.

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  1. Avatar

    ihope you can communicate eachothers to achieve longlasting good atmosphere of novascotia fisheries community

  2. Avatar

    The lobsters are a resource of the indigenous people, this is their land and their way of life, it is the white man who is over fishing.

  3. Avatar
    Nolan Is Innocent


    You don't label this "mostly peaceful" rolls eyes

  4. Avatar

    too often minorities want "equality" only when it suits them!

  5. Avatar

    Whatever! Who the hell cares? Some people in Kanaduh are more equal than others by supreme court order. Law Fare is not Fair.
    The legal system offers no recourse. The government legislates preferential treatment. Resentment abounds.
    Just the reason for War. OK then So be it.
    Plains of Abraham Bright and early. Don't be late. Eh

  6. Avatar

    This is what happens when you give special rule to a certain group based on racial background. Until everyone is once again equal again in Canada this will surface over and over again. Good on the fisherman in NS for standing up.

  7. Avatar

    Canadian politicians have no problem allowing the Americans to come into Canadian water and drag the bottom of the ocean, a practice not allowed by Canadian fishermen, but harass and bully Canadians pulling up some lobster instead of having to buy Canadian lobster from the Americans? Sociopathic bully liberal cops pulling their own pud again.

  8. Avatar

    Both sides seem like arrogant losers who spent too much time on a boat being bitter to each other

  9. Avatar
    Pure DJ's Entertainment

    BLM/Antifa murder dozens of people, burn hundreds of buildings = "mostly peaceful protesters". Guy grabs a lobster = "violence "

  10. Avatar

    Imagine them killing each other over lobster… Must be something else going on too eh… like Racism? WE SUPPORT THE INDIGENOUS ALL THE WAY. OTHERS ARE JUST VISITORS.

  11. Avatar

    Liberals doing good job of causing Canadians to in fight each other

  12. Avatar

    Is this real? Did the RCMP really stand by while boats were torched and property stolen? Are the commercial fisherman allowed to catch more in a shorter time frame and the indigenous people allowed the same amount in a longer period?

  13. Avatar

    I can handle them having not to pay taxes, its ok by me that they get all kinds of privilege's while benefiting from the same system as me. But this is completely unfair, they need to follow same rules as everyone else, are there will be civil war. The courts should not underestimate the peoples will

  14. Avatar

    Aboriginals have it right. If an aboriginal marries outside the race they are exiled. Absolutely I agree with them……marry inside your own race, people! Be proud of your skin colour!

  15. Avatar

    What do you expect when you have different rules for Canadians.

  16. Avatar

    The Federal Fisheries minister needs FIRED. This problem has being going on for years with no gov actions or input useless people drinking there coffee in Ottawa

  17. Avatar
    Good Morning Sunday Morning

    The best part was the Mainstream Media news crews sent packing.

  18. Avatar
    Christopher Meisner

    Systemic privilege.

  19. Avatar

    Covidiots from the Bay Bai. "Gives me yur lobster dar bai; your nots above da claw in dis here dar town"

  20. Avatar

    You will see no victory when you believe you are above the laws.
    You can only win by having the laws changed.

  21. Avatar

    Trump/Pence 2020! Don Jr 2024!

  22. Avatar

    This is what happens when a select group are given special treatment for no legitimate reason. I don’t condone the violence but if you’re told you can’t do something and then see others where they can it’s upsetting, especially when you’re having trouble taking care of your family.

  23. Avatar

    Half of the "Aboriginals" are like 95% european now, they dont even give a damn if they are first nations, yet they are given the undeserved right to fish out of season. The law is outdated and need to be revised.

  24. Avatar

    weird how when certain people do it, it can be violent and still be called a "protest", never a mob or a riot or terrorism.
    wonder why no arrests? cops and the klan holding hands and in love?

  25. Avatar

    Interesting how the natives are angry the RCMP will not arrest anyone when all the non-natives were angry when they didn't get arrested for blocking roads and rail lines recently.

  26. Avatar

    The governments create racism, fish the west coast dry because of their rights, no motorcycle helmets because of religion, the AR can be used for indigenous hunting only, oh and no hunting license required. I hope the commercial fisherman fight for their right to make a modest living all year long. As a west coast native, and I mean indigenous, it’s about time the pendulum swings the other way for the average minority people in this country that don’t get hand outs, blockade railways for financial gain while burning tires.

  27. Avatar

    First Nations spokespersons always claim that the First Nations people protect the environment. So how do the Mi'kmaw justify lobster fishing during the off-season? The reason for the off-season is to allow the lobsters to spawn. The non-indigenous lobster fishermen respect that to sustain the lobster fishery you must allow the lobsters to spawn to ensure a sustainable lobster fishery for the future. The federal government must apply the law to everyone in the lobster fishery. Season closed means season closed to everyone.

  28. Avatar

    JT tribalized the Nation and this is what you get…one tribe against the other. Much like religion or language…tribalizing people is a dangerous thing, as each tribe then believes they are special and require special rights. Just look at any tribalized nation…nothing but hate filled warriors "protecting" their special rights.

  29. Avatar

    The ruling didn't say they can fish out of season. Said they can run they're own fishery. Didn't say they can fish when ever they want that's the problem

  30. Avatar

    "violent protests" man these marxists are doing their best to destroy the english language.

  31. Avatar

    everyone needs money and there's Soo much fish. Taxes are the reason and interest rate

  32. Avatar

    Commercial fishermen and women follow strict laws, guidelines and catch limits which are put in place to respect, preserve and maintain a healthy stock and supply. Lobster fishing men and women rely on this as their livelihood.
    Indigenous people apparently do not have to follow the same rules and regulations, claiming that since they are the native peoples, they can govern themselves. With that in mind they take all that they want with the feeling that they alone are entitled to all that nature has to offer, thereby contributing to the destruction and annihilation of a species. Is it fair that commercial fisher persons are allowed to take one boat load of lobsters while the indigenous people can take as much as they please?? It's the 21st century! We all need to live together and share EQUALLY our resources. No one side can afford to be selfish.

  33. Avatar

    All should be treated equally.

  34. Avatar

    those indians have a couple of boats this year,next year they will have 100 boats. and then the lobster numbers will fall off.native people will blame the white man for that too.i have a great idea lets give them KFC chicken franchise. ohhhhh i forgot that is sacred land too lol. boy i dont know what to do. i wish i could talk more but my tax bill just showed up i better pay it,i wish the goverment would g ive me a free house and a satalite dish like those reserves have . boy those indian people got it made ohhhhh some day.

  35. Avatar
    TruthWillSetYouFree777 John 8:32

    Stop listening to the media. They want race wars here too!

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