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Violence erupts in Nigeria as protesters demand reform

ABC News’ Ian Pannell reports as police ambush protesters with gunfire.

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    Why are the protest signs in English? I didn’t know they spoke the USA language.

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    Oh well this doesn't concern ADOS people we'll stand down on this.

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    About time to revolt for their own corrupt government

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    looks like black lives matter protest😂😂

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    Africa Tiananmen Square

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    We Are Omoluabi, Let's Not Use Our Own Hand To Destroy Ourselves and Our Land. We Have No Other Land Than Yorubaland.
    Y'all Should Think About What The Situation In The North Has Become For The Northerners.

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    We were discussing the 2nd Amendment

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    Waaaaaaaaay too many people in Nigeria.

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    Stop copying Americans

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    Praying for yall from the United States 🙏🏻💙💜

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    Portland should go there.

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    So how come we never heard about all of the slaughtering from African tribal wars?

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    The elite only want your oil and will dump weapons on you for a civil conflict. And when most of you are dead they will come in and clean up for their agenda. And you will be left as slaves.

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    Defund the police! 😂

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    Herobrinewolf Lord • Lee & Louis

    Here I am Hearties and Dixies
    11:43 PM }{ 10//21//2020

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    I'm so proud of you and people standing up and not letting capitalism big take their integrity and their dignity. People just want to live and be happy and healthy. And it is time all around the world that young people stand up because you are the future. As cliche as that sounds. And I need to be a global effort to in military tyranny and police brutality in black and brown countries. We need to get together has heads of Nations do And discuss strategies and how we can support each other across oceans. Because just because it's happening across the Atlantic doesn't mean that is not happening in our own backyard. And where there is black and brown people there is brutality against. And sometimes it comes from your own.

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    This is horrible!!…
    This has been going on and nobody doing anything,if they were white the government would have intervened….
    US we're next!!

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    Unknown TruthBein

    Don't fall for this deep state FF

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    Oriode International

    Thank you ABC.

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    Strength and protection to the people of Lagos.

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    failed continent 🤘

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    You better not try to compare African police to American police.

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    Second Amendment time for Nigeria

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    Certainly, oil riches should take care of ALL the people in Nigeria and their pets, too!

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    I just wish people can understand their pain, people be like screw protesters rioting , but we need to figure out a solution with all of this, screw 2020

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    Save Us
    Our president aint doing nothing
    They didnt talk about us yesterday at house of assesmbly only about covid19

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    ‼️ Jesus is coming soon! ‼️
    REPENT!!!! and ask for forgiveness! The kingdom of Heaven is at hand! DONT Take the mark of the beast!!!!!! Turn away from your wicked ways and ask for forgiveness ! turn to Jesus! We must live a Christ like Life! ! Not continue in sin and we must repent & Ask for forgiveness!
    Romans 6:23
    King James Version
    23 For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.
    Give Jesus Christ your life! Today! He WANTS to spend eternity with you in heaven!! He thinks about you all the time and loves you!He truly wants to spend eternity with you in heaven! God loves you! There is absolutely NOTHING that can ever separate Gods love and mercy for you! Pick up your Cross, and Follow Jesus! Ask for forgiveness! Repent! Change from your old ways!Time is running out! Jesus is coming soon!! Have a blessed day! Stay safe and spread love and positivity! Forgive others like God forgives you! Love like God! Repent and ask Jesus for forgiveness! He is returning SOON! We’re running out as time as we speak! He wants you! He loves you! Accept him if you haven’t in your life today! Always remember YOUR worth it! YOUR loved! God put you on this earth for a reason! You MATTER! Your beautiful the way God made you! Never ever EVER give up! I love you & so Does Jesus and God! When you feel like giving up always remember WHY you started and God will help you along the way! You are NOT alone! God said “I will never leave nor forsaken you “ I hope you have a blessed day I hope today brings you light and joy and only happiness and good vibes! If your hurting just know You will prosper! Blessings are coming your way! God loves you! Give him all your burdens and problems! He WILL Heal and help you! Just fight a little longer my friend, it’s ALL WORTH it in the end! May the lord restore whatever is broken in your life and bless you with nothing but Good! Jesus WANTS to spend eternity with you in heaven!! He thinks about you all the time and loves you! He truly wants to spend eternity with you in heaven!
    Jesus loves YOU, have an amazing day! 🤗❤️
    Pls read (Proverbs 28:13)

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    And our police are criticized and our defunded for what they do. This goes to show you how bad it is in other countries. It could be so much worse here. Thank God I live in the US where I'm protected from such violence are protesters do this kind of damage not our police. 😡

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    BLMers,,, who are driving the agenda in the West that it's about race, This is black men hurting other black men… If you address the superficial façade, such kind of injustices will appear under another name, some place it's called tribalism, another place its nepotism, sexism, terrorism…

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    A country that’s rich in oil, but half its population live in poverty.

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