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Video shows possible breach of US sanctions on Iran

Video obtained by the Guardian shows the unloading of Iranian fertiliser from a cargo ship, CS Future, at Lianyungang port in China. The fertiliser is then loaded onto another cargo ship, the Bulk Aquila, which was due to carry the product to India on behalf of an Australian-owned company, Quantum Fertiliser. International companies face potentially significant punishments for breaching sanctions imposed by the US on trade with Iran. Quantum, a trading subsidiary of the ASX-listed multinational Incitec Pivot, said it was ‘misled about the origin of the product’ and urgently offloaded the suspect cargo.

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    US have many Ship Station in the world

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    BOLTON: There it is, Mr. President.
    TRUMP: Should I fire the nukes?! Should I fire the nukes?! Should I fire the nukes?!
    BOLTON: Yes, Mr. President. This will get you the Nobel Peace Prize and a better one than Obama got.
    TRUMP: I'm getting a prize!!! I'm getting a prize!!! I'm getting a prize!!!

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    No one is obligated to follow your useless sanctions

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    No I don't think so these sanctions are illegal and immoral, only country broken the deal was Donald Trumps America

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    So what!!! Big deal!!! ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿฟ
    The US Sanctions are illegal anyway!!!

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    No it doesn't! The U.S. has no say over whether Iran sells fertiliser to China or not! If the U.S. doesn't want to trade with Iran, fine. But it doesn't mean it can stop everyone else!

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    Never thought I'll see the end of Western imperialism but it has begun . Maybe Europe wants to be fair or maybe they see how the world is changing or both. I do believe sanctions are a very bad policy because it is not right to fool with people's livelihood

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    Who cares about Americas(bankers) unlawful sanctions. If you want a better world, carpet bomb the district of Columbia, the city of London and the Vatican. Then bomb the Vatican again.

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    Oh ,Guardian..now the Iranians going to seize another British cargo ship…shhhhhh keep quite๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‰

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    so according to guardian everyone should obey the "Lord US sanction" else there will be more such thriller themed spy video "reporting"

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    Trump throws a hissy fit and sprains one of his bonespurs.

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    The American sanctions are illegal so why is the Guardian trying to guard the American empire?

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    FFS, Australian companies know no boundaries when making a profit, even to support a despotic terrorist nation . Jeanne Johns the ceo of incitex pivot should be sacked.

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