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Video Investigation: How a Seattle Protest Ended in Chaos | WSJ

On June 1, a largely peaceful demonstration in Seattle turned violent, with police using pepper spray and tear gas against the protesters. Using video and police scanner audio, WSJ dissects how the event unfolded and why it’s now under investigation. Photo: Lindsey Wasson/Reuters

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    I bet this area is empty in 1 week..

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    Thank you for the objective, honest reporting! 👏👏👏🇺🇸🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

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    Protestors violated curfew by over 1 hour and approached the police.

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    Why are we getting beat up & sprayed with chemicals when we're practicing our 1st amendment??

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    That just goes to show how easily things can go down south. What will be next with all the rioters and revolutionist going instead of live-action role-playing? Live-action ammunitions?

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    Travel With Alexander

    It is very interesting. If there was no call, why did they deploy the Pepper Spray?

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    Fix bayonets.

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    It’s not police, who came in the street first! The protestors should face the consequences of going straight to people who officially can use power to protect the peace in the streets. “Peaceful” protest like this should be held in front of the local authorities not in front of the police!

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    A Pink Umbrella being held by a fragile white women started all of this.

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    Wow, the protesters really deployed such a high tech tactical equiment huh?

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    David Lloyd-Jones

    The duty of police in situations like this is perfectly clear. It is to work with the parade marshalls or demonstration leaders to arrange and guide the parade or demonstration peacefully forward.
    It doesn't look as though the police or their superiors gave a second's thought to this beforehand.

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    The people were asking for it. If you don't have the brains to know when to walk away, swift and firm action will show you the way. You decide how stupid you want to be. Who wants to be pushed around? Nobody. Get it? Nobody.

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    start aiming for their eyes.

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    You have a 3x higher chance of dying from lightning than innocently getting killed by a cop. Every year 250,000 people die from medical errors. Are there any protests about that? Even though medical errors disproportionately kills minorities.

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    Alex Ocasio-Gomez

    'Chaz' is now ruled by a warlord callled 'Raz' who extorts local businesses and residents to pay a protection fee and assaults protesters who vandalize businesses who pay his pizzo.

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    me: finally the rioting is over, now I can return to normal life
    covid-19 second wave: Let me introduce myself

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    The liberals in college were literally the worst thing about it. Rich trust fund brats who didn't really care about the poor but romanticized them. They were just as bad as any conservative rich kid. They're so stupid too, basically trying to make the cops give up any advantage they have like they're stupid. "Take off your riot gear!", yeah, as soon as you put your traffic cones, molotovs, clubs and all the riot gear you have away!

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    dude its just homeless people taking over that part of the city

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    IF people hate police so much, they should stop calling 911

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    I’m appalled that the police did nothing until over one hour past the curfew. Their first shot of pepper spray should have been the last of a few hundred being arrested.

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    If the police are there to stop looters

    Why don’t they do that instead of fighting protesters?

    It’s almost like they want looting to happen in order to justify their excessive policing.

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    11 people arrested ? That’s a win. Wtg Seattle!

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    This is an insurrection not a protest

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    Antifa is a terrorist group

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    People don't give up

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    It ended in chaos because SPD is known to have Klan presence and of course the pigs would escalate peaceful protests. #FTP #DefundThePigs

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    Liberal whimps run that City

  29. Avatar

    Kill all those mother f uc kers

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