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Video appears to show NYPD truck plowing through crowd

New York police are investigating after a video appears to show a New York City Police Department truck plowing through a crowd during a George Floyd protest in Brooklyn.
The 27-second video, which was posted to Twitter, shows an NYPD truck in front of a crowd throwing objects at the vehicle. There is a barricade in front of the truck. The truck then appears to drive into the barricade, knocking over protestors. Screaming and yelling are then heard while a person is seen jumping on top of the truck. It’s unclear if there were any injuries.
CNN has reached out to the NYPD, New York governor and Attorney General’s office for comment. Earlier, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said he ordered the state attorney general to independently review the events of Friday’s protests that included protesters clashing with police in Brooklyn and other boroughs.

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    That's a damn lie.

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    Christine Welford

    Nope for the cops this time. Evenone who is wanting rights for mr. floyd and all the other people who have died in the hands of cops and this is how you act and show your love for a fallen person. Yep you guys are so over yourselfs now not only are you not doing the protest right but now you are putting others and yourself at risk when provocking the cops like you are. I am for equal right and I do believe some are justifiable actions but to set fires all over the states and all this other shit happing and wonder why you are being targeted well for one your acting like a bunch of thugs and don't matter your colors of skin if your going out and causing trouble like this that's all you are is a no good people anyways cuz your not fighting for anyone while doing this you just making the situation worse with your actions but that's ok show the world how you are treated is unfair but it's ok to treat others in that manner sounds like double standard to me.

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    _Burden Patrik_


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    The police are not helping. They are treating people like the enemy. They must be de funded and disbanded. Take all of their guns. To the mayor saying they didn't start this. Lies! They 100% started this when they continue to kill black people. This is what the broken camels back looks like. The protesters are reacting to hundreds of year of brutality from the police. This will never end. Not until the police are gone.

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    Angelinas crystal universe

    Listen white people. Africans have been step on since the 1700 .Do you not think it is about time to move on ? I do. ❤️✌🏻It is going to blow up in your unhappy white white .Be course when you are that intolerant, you are not feeling good inside your self.You can not take it out on other people like that.You can not treat people the way you do anywhere. Not on the streets, not work wise, not in prisons or in any other situations, so get a grib of your heart and your mindset and change your negative ways. Be course it has to stop. People of all colors including white people around the world stand by people of color in their time of struggles and frustrations. I know we can not come over and join the fight do to Corona,✌🏻🥰 but we are with you all.Europens are not like the way some white people are in America although they have european blood and for any leaders on any level, get of your throne if you can't be balanced.😇🙏🏻. 💜.As Tupac said. Africans are not going back to africa. I am white my self and I am disgusted by the intolerance level in America. What year are you people in 1700 ?

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    There are no protesters, these are paid adjgitators and idiots who are rioting!

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    They need to set the Police on fire! 🔥👮‍♂️🔥

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    Just remember the second amendment was created so that the people would be able to stand up to the fire power of the government in the event that it became tyrannical. History repeats itself.

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    Oh yeah That’s right

    Pray for our country.

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    Yesterday I saw CNN all day long & when some of these people got in the cops face cops started hitting the crowd and a officer took down someone
    HE PUT HIS KNEE on the protestor just like they did to this poor man
    AND it was live tv !!

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    The real whole vid here!!! https://www.instagram.com/p/CA2SY1-At7Y/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

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    Trump 2020 if you want to see hate end! The left is only about division!

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    This all started because police feel that they can kill & do whatever they want & NOTHING will happen to them since the protests have started they have proved this situation right!

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    Pro police here: two wrongs don’t make a right. Don’t attack a police car. Don’t run over a crowd.

  15. Avatar

    Things really getting out of hand

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    They seem to think it's just about one man …it's about the whole system burnt and looting is a small price to pay for the Los of human lives we are way over policed…ftp and ftg

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    What is the different between this protest in US and the protest in Hong Kong?

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    Mayor wants us to 'start from the beginning'… the start/beginning of this was when a policeman killed Floyd. Without that, there isn't going to be any protests. That's the beginning!

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    Stay off the street if you don't want to get hit.

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    People looking for justice but government is blocking and trying to cage the freedom. Government is the problem not the people.

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    Henry Washington

    No, the police started all this by killing unarmed people in broad daylight.

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    erastus samonique


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    So that give police officer the right too run them over like that this is what we talking about mayor these cops are drunk with power

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    They're not protesters. they're rioters.

  26. Avatar
    Scorpionkingg GODSON


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    You got some nerve to blame the protesters when those badge wearing thugs have been abusing their authority and the system condones this by turning a blind eye and letting rogue azz cops off the hook time and again and people are fed up finally !!

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    "100-150 arrrests"…I certain that one of these arrests is the officer who drove into the protesters was arrested and charged with attempted murder, right?

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    The Jonny-A Show!

    Don Lemon 🍋 the most fitting name for this Lemon 🍋

  30. Avatar

    What happen to America?

  31. Avatar

    The headline is misleading, when we all can see what's happening! It's on tape!! #JusticeforGeorgeFloyd!! I Can't Breathe

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    Ansumana Kosha

    I saw Human Rights activists speaking openly about a former Sudanese President Oumar Albashir’s human rights abuses against his own people. But when it comes to the United States white government’s human rights misconducts they are mute. If I am wrong please let me know.

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    these fuckin kids keep it up and its gonna be a lot more than a bumper touch their feet……

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    You’ve got a lot to learn from the HK police!

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    Rookie lying reporter. Fool NYPD is corrupt. Just finished watching a Documentary on Shawn Bell…50 bullets night before his wedding. DeBlasio is a joke…NYPD turned their collective backs on him years ago🖕🖕🖕👎

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    The protests have been hijacked by Whites !

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    Here's a thought: put the vehicle in reverse. But these cops have a license to kill so…

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    im sick of cnn pulling cameras off cops when they are doing wrong

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    First spot we hit it was my liquor store
    I finally got all that alcohol I can't afford
    With red lights flashin' time to retire
    And then we turned that liquor store into a structure fire.🔥

    Next stop we hit it was the music shop
    It only took one brick to make that window drop
    Finally we got our own p.a.
    Where do you think I got this guitar that you're hearing today?

    When we returned to the pad to unload everything
    It dawned on me that I need new home furnishings
    So once again we filled the van until it was full
    Since that day my livin' room's been more comfortable.

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    They shouldn't have been attacking the police officer.

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    You people are deranged, CNN saying it bottled water, um no it's not, I'll give you 10000 buck if you can shatter a car windshield with a bottled water. Plus they don't make the exact same sound as glass bottles hitting the window, which is what I'm seeing.. As a reminder, also categorized as a deadly Missile!

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    "The police didn't start this" says NY politicians and CNN.

    How ironic.

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    …heads spinning yet?…

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