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Video Appears To Show Employee Putting Hands On Customer After Man Refuses To Wear Mask

A confrontation at a Spokane, Wash., grocery store went viral after a customer refused to wear a mask, claiming he had a medical condition. The argument escalated after a Yoke’s Fresh Market employee appeared to put his hands on the customer and throw his cellphone. The incident is under investigation by the store’s corporate management.
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Video Appears To Show Employee Putting Hands On Customer After Man Refuses To Wear Mask

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  1. Avatar

    There's no legal mandate for mask-wearing, you can only ask the customer to leave, then offer a mask or call the police, otherwise you're out of business. You may not discriminate customers while offering public service. Grocery and retail are not operated under private license.

  2. Avatar

    Call the cops. Press charges.
    He is simply a sh"* disturber.

  3. Avatar

    At this point if ur not wearing a mask (where lawfully obligated), you're specifically looking for trouble

  4. Avatar

    Yes – get this loser out.

  5. Avatar

    Good job 👏

  6. Avatar

    Wear a mask, it's that simple. 😭

  7. Avatar

    Must be a trump supporter

  8. Avatar

    1984 in action-
    Low IQ comments prove mass brainwash was a success 🐑 ; if you agree leave ur vote 👍

  9. Avatar

    They should've crowed stopped both of them, made fresh boney pancakes

  10. Avatar

    This was all scripted

  11. Avatar

    Store employee will be fired by tomorrow and he deserves it.

  12. Avatar

    What a jerk get out of the store you weirdo

  13. Avatar

    Good! Anyone not wearing a mask should be maced until they’re more considerate!!

  14. Avatar
    Nunuravenous Raven

    I hope he loses the lawsuit he claims he's going to file. I'm so sick of these ppl who have don't wanna wear mask because of medical condition when they come out to these stores. But apparently the medical condition isn't so severed that they're concerned about getting Covid19. So irritating. #WearAMask

  15. Avatar

    If you have a medical condition that makes it to where you can't wear a mask you shouldn't be treated like this….

  16. Avatar

    Go to court. This guy is lying about having a medical issues. He does not. The customer is assaulting everyone in the store

  17. Avatar

    Grocery store work sucks so bad. Even before covid the grocery store customers are the worst. I feel so bad for the worker. Even though I dont want to wear a mask I would in order to nit make these poor workers deal with this kind of crap.

  18. Avatar

    The only thing I can say this is crazy. I live in Trump country people don't wear masks even though the state says you are supposed to and nobody says nothing because people don't want to be in a situation like this and have a confrontation. 1 the employee push the guy and that is assault you do not lay your hands on anybody. Like I said where I live they don't confront people they just let them go their merry way. The reason why we're having this situation you can thank Donald Trump. Like I said I live in Trump country and they don't wear masks even though the state says you have to they don't care it ain't happening and businesses are not doing nothing to stop them from not wearing a mask.. and the virus it's on the ride it ain't getting any better thank you mr. President I think we need some sanity so get out and vote. Our country is divided Donald Trump has been feeding the fire NH going to keep on feeding the fire because he knows divided we fall united we stand For some reason Americans lost common sense believe me once you can't breathe and you're on a ventilator you have nobody to blame but your freaking self. After you killed your family and everybody around you because you're a super spreader. I don't know if people know this if you tell somebody to leave and they refuse you throw them out physically you broke the law. you have to call the cops and they will remove the person from the premises you have no right to touch anybody even if you had a guest in your house and you asked them to leave and they refused and you forcefully threw them out you will be charged with assault you have to call the cops and they will remove them.

  19. Avatar

    The guy was a jerk! He should have cooperated and been respectful to the employees.

  20. Avatar

    Cause, who needs to breathe pssst… that's just so 2019! Man people are media mind controlled today… unbelievable. The USA, Sanity has left the building in 2020. good luck to all. please open your eyes. I'm sure my comment here will likely trigger someone. good. get triggered, get it out of your system and then ask yourself WHY you were triggered. that is key to healing in a society gone mad.

  21. Avatar

    Private property. The anti mask scum can shop elsewhere.

  22. Avatar

    Its ridiculous how you guys are bashing this guy but the people in the store had their noses out of the mask. They might as well not had one on either.

  23. Avatar

    Lol… Y'all see all the other people wearing their masks but not covering their nose?

  24. Avatar

    I think people should know the mandate from the Governor of WA, Jay Inslee, before they make any judgements about this. In short it states Washingtonians are mandated to wear masks in public places unless they have a valid medical condition…it goes on to state “do not confront or approach people without masks, but assume that they have a valid medical condition.”

  25. Avatar


  26. Avatar

    Trump supporters get all upset when people call them stupid.

  27. Avatar

    These Trump-sucking Qanon non-maskers are anti-social delusionists. And there, I made up a word.

  28. Avatar

    How about a face shield?

  29. Avatar

    Where’s Hunter????

  30. Avatar

    Such a large majority of American's understand and respect front line workers and understand public health is everyone's responsibility. Did the maskless guy say something like 'it's against HIPAA? Good grief!

  31. Avatar

    This is what you call "getting 86ed" from a private establishment.

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