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Victoria records eight new cases, three deaths from COVID-19 | ABC News

Victoria has recorded 8 new cases of coronavirus and 3 more deaths in the past 24 hours.

The 14 day rolling average for Melbourne is now down to 12, while in regional Victoria it is 0.1

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  1. Avatar
    Paula Montgomery

    2:32 I like that😍💋 💝💖❤️

  2. Avatar

    Why on earth are they still in a lockdown in Melbourne with single digit daily new cases and high testing levels. Surely it’s time to open back up with tight restrictions and to back your test and contact tracing systems to get the remaining few cases

  3. Avatar

    If you want 2021 to be different to 2020 and see this off then start by seeing off this petulant, narcissistic control freak and his incompetent, compliant and ever forgetful helpers.

  4. Avatar

    ABC, thanks for the regular updates. Much appreciated. But why do a lot of your videos only have left audio like this one?

  5. Avatar

    Sack Dan! No one is buying it! I saw the ABC report where you had some poor 20 year old woman told on WhatsApp she had to wear black, buy her own mask and stand around for $50 cash. Now he's running the PCR test that gives a false positive 5% of the time or whatever to boost numbers hoping to shut down forever until a final "elimination! – no need to fire the incompetent straight white male"

  6. Avatar

    Really nice 👌 😍💋 💝💖❤️

  7. Avatar

    Has any journalist ever asked Brett Sutton in these press conferences what cost analysis he has been done by him on the effects of lockdowns on the population? i.e delays to cancer screenings, mental health, delayed elective surgeries etc.

  8. Avatar

    The daily rambling from an incompetent man that cannot be trusted…… fix your contact tracing process…. get the process right…. instead of bla-bla-bla
    Meanwhile the Victorian economy is on its knees, businesses continue to go under and unemployment rising as we speak!!! Get off your high horses and do your JOB…for a change!!! (In summary you were the arsonist who wants to be congratulated for putting out your own fire) incompetent at its core. Victorians deserves better!!

  9. Avatar

    Im so glad Victoria is doing it. It shouldnt be long now.. the young ones need to be patient if they dont want to be under lockdowns for longer.

  10. Avatar

    Do we think high school students will go back to school this term?

  11. Avatar

    Well done! Victorians, BRAVOA!!

  12. Avatar

    GRACIO to all Victorians!😊

  13. Avatar

    @ABC News (Australia) , please get someone to get the audio right, when you put these out.. Sincerly my left ear.

  14. Avatar

    The auslan interpreter @ 19:00 is such a babe

  15. Avatar

    Ok Brett ❤️

  16. Avatar

    “No one has the right to break the rules”
    Except you considering you think it’s ok to lie under oath about who made the poor decisions that caused this second wave!

  17. Avatar

    How about you manage to upload a recording that doesn't chop off the first minute or so!

  18. Avatar

    Stop the one channel audio. My poor left ear…

  19. Avatar

    Just a few more weeks ,your waffle is astounding a few = 3 weeks you’ve been saying this for months do we need to prove this from normal waffle for months or are you going to wait till November when your report comes out ..

  20. Avatar

    How the actual hell are you guys still messing up the stereo field after uploading one of these literally every single day for months? shakes head

    Wanna pay me to mix your video audio properly? Not even kidding

  21. Avatar

    Almost there… Not long Melbourne. We've got this. Don't mess it all up now.

  22. Avatar
    Timothy Pritchard

    I've got a question Dan did you send your family to the gold coast a day before stage 4 came into place yes or no

  23. Avatar
    Ben. Bwp labour hire.

    The only insult is Dan Andrews private security stuff up.

  24. Avatar

    Finally comments are allowed….defund the ABC and get rid of doomsday Dan

  25. Avatar

    I just watched a race in outback WA hundreds of people shoulder to shoulder and we aren’t allowed to leave the ponderosa what a joke you are doomsday

  26. Avatar

    Thousands of deaths a day, more threats…seriously this guy is a light weight absolute peanut

  27. Avatar

    For every fake covid infection, there needs to be another month of lock up
    Once the small business is dead, as well as the poor, then it'll open up

    Chairman Dan Andrews

  28. Avatar

    What a joke this is , truth, no vaccine!!! So what do we do if we have a 3rd , 4th, 5th wave?? Am sick of his BS and lies, truly we will all live, some will die that’s life

  29. Avatar

    Suit himself, comments on what he wants, chooses tp politik when he wants a good little socialist

  30. Avatar

    why are they so bad as to not get start again

  31. Avatar

    Deluded, Frydenberg is having a go at you Dan you flogg

  32. Avatar

    The wicked enemy is Andrews government for mismanaging the hotel quarantine that sparked the second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic here in Victoria.

  33. Avatar
    Socialist Republic of Victoria

    Victorians are out on the beaches today and yesterday due to the complete mismanagement of this virus by Daniel Andrews's government after being under lockdown since March 26th 2020.

  34. Avatar

    hi MR daniel andrews how are you ok know just want to know ok that i'm getting married on the 29th of November ok&i need permission to not wearing the masks on that day ok because it will way to warm ok thankyou&also do you know if we will still get this $750 dollars for pensoiners ok because we really need it at the moment ok thatnkyou ian.

  35. Avatar

    If vic could crush the virus, why couldn't have UK and united States ?

  36. Avatar
    ovwpdlixxilbqwvo xilbqwvoovwpdlix

    All these deaths from
    something that has never
    been proven to exist by any
    Medical Association worldwide.
    What does exist: Death by Doctoring.
    It's very common in the United States.

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