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Vice presidential fact check: Daniel Dale selects his lie of the night

Vice President Mike Pence echoed some of President Donald Trump’s most common falsehoods and misleading statements during the lone vice presidential debate with Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) — though in a more restrained, neatly packaged way.
The Salt Lake City debate was a less chaotic affair when compared to September’s first meeting between Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden. But there were traces of that event in Pence’s delivery of some of the same lines that the President often repeats.
Harris, too, made some claims that were misleading or lacked context, but those paled in comparison to the litany of statements from Pence that were either untrue or needed additional context.
Coronavirus and the Trump administration’s response dominated the start of the debate and was referenced throughout, and the threat of the virus — due to the plexiglass barriers separating each desk — was apparent before either candidate spoke a word. The rivals also argued over economic recovery, the future of health care in America and the importance of tackling the climate crisis.

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  1. Avatar

    The fly on Pence's head: Laying MAGAt eggs.

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    Trump is in the wrong time and the wrong place in History, maybe if he was born in another World he would do better but America has no place for Donald J. Trump!!

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    Rose garden event was an outdoor event but he didn’t mention half of them went inside after ,right along w pence…!!! W NO MASKS

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    this guy Daniel looks like snake oil salesmen

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    Kamala got toasted in that Debate. All she could do was make weird faces and lie. Before – Would you ban Fracking "Absolutely" Now – would you ban Fracking "Absolutely Not" lol. Get out of here people. That was A blatant LIE and you all know it but your gonna sit here and pretend like she didnt Lie over and over again. Wouldn't answer whether she'd pack the court or not. Just sat their rambling and avoiding the question. Who do people take us for, idiots. None of you people wanted Kamala and denounced her now all of the sudden shes your queen to drool over??? 🤣🤣🤣. Im laughing at the desperation of Democrats. But hey dont worry, it will all be over soon when Trumps reelected. Biden can crawl back under his rock and kamala under one similar

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    Jermaine Phillips

    Thanks for pointing out the fact checks for BOTH OF THEM. With that said, Pence was absolutely pitiful. He filled his time (and some additional time) with talking points and deflection. It was atrocious 🤣

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    Terrible moderator ….let Pence constantly go over 2 minutes. Thank you vice president. Thank you vice president. Thank you vice president

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    He is a liar

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    ( in a nutshell)
    Blah blah blah…
    thank you Mr. Vice President
    blah blah… Blah blah blah…
    thank you Mr. Vice President
    blah blah…. Blah blah blah…

    Thank you Mr. Vice President!

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    Mike Pence’s wife pulled a “Karen” by walking up to the stage without wearing a mask.

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    In 2016 , Trump didn’t want Pence as his VP and actually called him a loser ..I suppose nothing much has changed 😉

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    Hahahahahah CNN you suckest in America now, people you selected to survey about election who got pay from CNN. Whatever GOP doing for u r wrong and u bring them to public to criticize, we're tired of u cnn. U are the one, the only media destroying America in all way. You CNN

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    I was so glad Kamala mentioned how much food insecurity is in the USA due to the Covid19 pandemic. Pence had the nerve to say that the Obama Administration had a slow recovery! That recovery is why his administration was able to prosper; but look how the Republicans overturned & squandered every possible gain inherited by the Obama administration (example) CDC China team of experts, Climate accord and the Iran Nuclear etc. etc. This administration is the perfect example of “Poor leadership”

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    You guys are so lame lol

  15. Avatar
    Jeremy Rodriguez

    CNN lies about everything and tries to cover the truth.

  16. Avatar
    Benjamin Patrick

    They lie a bit too easily now but more concerning is that people actually believe the lies.

  17. Avatar

    Pence is as bad as liar as Trump. Twin brothers of different mothers!

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    5k Idiots love to hear lies.

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    Don't say fault. just say he is lieing and or not true.

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    People will believe anybody whose gay with glasses and is given a job of fact check by the most dishonest news station in the planet.

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    James and Cheray Lucas

    That moderators thank you vice president was so irritating, she was supposed to stop Mike Pence.

  22. Avatar

    I’m surprise no one die in Trump administrations.

  23. Avatar

    Pence is and always has been a trump boot licker and liar like the boss. Mother made him do it.

  24. Avatar

    No one died for lack of a ventilator. Harris lied all night fact check her.

  25. Avatar

    How can a self declared devout evangelical Christian lie so much?

  26. Avatar

    CNN is fake news. CNN is the enemy of the American people.

  27. Avatar

    Pence lies like a pro..just like Trump does with a straight face!! More lies again so what do you expect! From two corrupt men!

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    Trump was warned by President Obama the day Trump was sworn in AND he removed everything Obama had in place to protect the American people

  29. Avatar

    Is there any chance that Daniel Dale could be our next President 😬?

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    James and Cheray Lucas

    The President was supposed to have a plan, and it's 4yrs. and still has no plan.

  31. Avatar

    pence was brilliant, kamala and the lying liberal media was exposed. trump2020.

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    I wish the earthquake causing fracking would end!

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    Both parties lie! But everyone will cheer for their favorite team! Just say they both lie and I would be satisfied. All I can say I will be pissed at CNN if Trump wins the election.

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    I'm so SICK of the ROT in the WHITE HOUSE !!! 🤷🤦😠

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    Samantha Beasley

    This deal with the ventilators is true
    Mr Trump's son in-law said that they enjoyed watching the state's fight and bidding on them and other medical supplies
    These people can't tell the truth
    I didn't want to believe it
    But it's being told again
    They had medical supplies and didn't even try to send them ASAP
    I couldn't even stand to listen to the way the Vice President talked
    He looks terrible
    He's just as bad as Trump in everyway
    I had hoped he would try to tell the truth
    That could have been a really great moment in his life as well as the people of the United States
    This is like the worst nightmare
    And you can't wake up
    But it's real
    We need to vote
    Vote them OUT
    You're life and your families lives may depend on it

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    Hillary Clinton asked ant man’s friend for his custom to spy on Mike Pence’s speech , Hillary was fly woman 🦟

  37. Avatar

    Ask Willie Brown what he thinks about the lie of the night.

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    I think CNN should change their name to LNN for Lies News Network

  39. Avatar

    Mick Mulvaney reports that CNN viewers AND Frank Luntz focus group agree that Pence won.

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    Dean Rittenhouse

    Which of the 7 Deadly Sins doesn't Trump personify in
    the flesh?

    pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, wrath and sloth

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    Dwayne & Cindy B

    CNN absolutely sucks I can not decide who lies more the democrats or CNN. CNN's conduct is beyond shameful in every way. The media is suppose to report facts + keep the people informed but CNN completely fails on a explosive scale they are committing countless crimes against the people they are suppose to service. Like the the democrats if there was any justice many CNN reporters would have democrat representatives as a cellmates in prison. Almost all the MSM is disgusting it's beyond me how the MSM reporters can accept their paychecks or sleep at night

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    trump 2020, you democrats and your lying media, are sick sick people and the media see it.

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