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Venezuela protests: Pandemic worsens economic crisis

A wave of demonstrations has erupted across Venezuela.
People are flouting lockdown restrictions to demand an end to severe shortages.
Nearly every area of life has been affected, from electricity and water to fuel and household supplies.
Al Jazeera’s Teresa Bo reports.

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  1. Avatar
    abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim

    CCP virus is behind this catastrophic unrest.

  2. Avatar

    america will safe them for sure

  3. Avatar

    This will be trolled by anti american sentiment haizzz

  4. Avatar

    people should themselves create a rebel group and kill Nicolás Maduros thats when their lives will become normal like other who live in other countries

  5. Avatar
    FallAutumn Calla Lily

    They should protest against Washington sanctions their country!!

  6. Avatar

    theyy should protest against UN and US both…. Thats the harsh reality left.

  7. Avatar

    This should be making head lines what’s wrong with that idiot Maduro

  8. Avatar



    02:22 So Nice 💘💘

  9. Avatar

    Punto Maduro !! That low life dirtbag, like every other dirt bag politician (Biden, Clintons, and all the others), is lining his pockets with what little is left of Venezuela's cash.

  10. Avatar

    Poor countries have to suffer more

  11. Avatar

    The United Nation did not see the Belarus people. When a country leaders failed the people. Only then the United Nation. Pretend to function. Evil. United Nation organization.

  12. Avatar
    Hull Style Productions Change the World

    Putin and Trump's greedy allies.
    Hopefully justice will become reality.
    This would have become a humanity story that everyone would have helped with.
    One cancer hopefully will end soon .

  13. Avatar

    That women has a supreme mask sell it and get food

  14. Avatar

    Yes gas won't be able to come through since USA is blocking everything. Yes money or gold won't come because UK stole it. Well that's what sanctions do to third world economies, worse when corruption and misma exists as well

  15. Avatar

    I always had a big question about this country. It is also sanctioned by USA and Iran can sell oil. Why does Venezuela still not work?

  16. Avatar

    This is all because of United Snake sanctions on your country.

  17. Avatar

    If you have natural resources like gas and oil how could you be a poor nation when you can utilize these resources to manufacture everything you need. how is this happening?. Why do humans love to see each other suffering?.

  18. Avatar

    These People Are Human Beings, They Are Enduring Much, Much Suffering

  19. Avatar

    America’s taking it all what to u expect

  20. Avatar

    Pope see venezula help them ,you only help islamic people ,please this people also needs help

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    Sponsored by Supreme

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