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Vatican Recovers Bones In Bid To Solve Mystery Of Teen Girl Missing Since 1983 | NBC Nightly News

The Vatican recovered two set of bones as the decades-long search for a missing girl entered a new stage. 15-year-old Emanuela Orlandi, the daughter of a Vatican bank employee, vanished after attending a music lesson.

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    I can't wait for the Vatican to be a blip in history

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    The amount of kids the Pope has molested throughout history could give Muhammad a run for his money.

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    If there are Catholics involved then you know for an absolute fact that children are being molested.

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    The Vatican is more corrupt then the Trump admisistration

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    The thumbnail girl sorta looks like my momma when she was young.

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    A grave is exhumed on an anonymous tip. Investigators find it empty – or emptied? Whatever, the reporter doesn't bother with cumbersome details… Soon after "The Vatican" discover two skeletons near the same grave… Yeah, that sounds entirely natural to me. No need for any further journalistic investigation, on the contrary, just remember to use the term "already a lot of conspiracy theories" and we're good…

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    Epstiens arrested bones found in Vatican, coincidence?

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    In time all truths prevail no matter where or how deep the hole is dug. Me and my metaphors🤔

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    Puts a whole new meaning to baby back ribs.

    "Wow, where did you get this recipe!"

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    Keep digging, there’s probably a lot more.

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    I saw 2 black and blue guys wearing white face and MAGA hats do it shoutout to jussie smo-lie Lmfao

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    Oh, the stories that the Vatican could tell. It would 100 years to uncover them all. The Gnostics are good start.

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    When this sham religion FINALLY falls, the secrets they hold in archives will be boundless.

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