Valentine’s Day: Why the heart icon looks nothing like a human heart ❤️

by Moin Uddin Ahmed Tipu

Have you ever wondered why the heart emoji looks nothing like an actual human heart? The reasons have everything to do from birth control to a renaissance lizard dissection.

While it might be common knowledge that Americans will spend billions of dollars this Valentine’s Day season celebrating, it is lesser known how Valentine’s Day actually came about.

Let’s begin with St. Valentine – or the Valentines. As points out, there are a number of Valentines – nearly all of them martyrs – that are connected to the holiday. However, St. Valentine of Terni might be the most famous, with two legends associated with him.

Under the rule of Claudius II, the Roman army relied largely on single men. In an effort to save lives, Valentine, who was the bishop of Terni at the time, would wed couples to keep husbands away from war. What a guy, right?

Unfortunately for Valentine, the emperor didn’t take too kindly to his noble romanticism and beheaded the bishop near the outskirts of Rome.

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