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Vaccine Watch: Warp Speed chief says no undue White House pressure

Bob Woodruff speaks with Dr. Moncef Slaoui, the scientist appointed by President Donald Trump to oversee vaccine development on the current timeline for a coronavirus vaccine.

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    Trump tainted everything

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    Right what about them google chips

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    to begin with, you were fed with foodstuffs that killed your immunity and then started the flu and are now killing you again.

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    Now do a story on the vaccine if developed won't reach general availability until April 2021…

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    Nope, not until the rump grandkids take it first.
    He says he's getting
    " No pressure from the white house" = I'm getting lots of money from this government to play this game.

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    30:27 Anyone want to do this with me😍💋 💝💖♥️❤️

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    Only a fool would receive a vaccine.

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    Christopher Walsh

    they shouldn't force us to take a dangerous vaccine! its not my fault you all didn't want to quarantine 5 months ago, why should I have to pump this mystery chemical in my body to save you people who wont wear a mask?

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    That could be a lie for political purposes.

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    This person appointed by the president says that there's no pressure by the president to put the vaccine out faster than it expected. Doesn't this sound a little bit funny? Like your going to bite the hand that feeds you. And some people buy this line of garbage

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    Elizabeth G Enat-Hung

    Of course not. tRump doesn't really want a vaccine for the people

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    funny we see cases around the world going up even in the two countries who claim to have a vaccine China and russia…so what does that tell you?

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    I don’t trust corrupt presidents that appoints a scientist to over see the vaccine!! BYEDON!!

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    Fauci said it, that covid will be very bad once the weather change.

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    When Dr. Fauci takes his I'll take mine..

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    Jennifer Yu Leads Rothschild's China Push

    China has $2.5 trillion in untapped foreign currency reserves and is mandating that state-owned companies expand abroad to secure natural resources such as oil and metals. "The economic balance of power has already changed, and it is moving to the East," says Yu, whose title is head of greater China. "There will be an increasing number of Western companies selling assets to China."

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    Not going trust this

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    I work in the medical field in a hospital. I asked most of my coworkers if they would accept any covid vaccine when it’s available? All of the professionals I asked responded either “no” or “not sure”.

    I know this is a relatively a small sample size (23) survey and not a scientifically conducted survey but it is significant that not one of the highly educated professionals whom I work with said a definite “yes” 🤫

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    Sounds reassuring… however, slightly too optimistic

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    This man is crazy yow

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    Whatever happened to the immune system. ?? Wake up people…. seriously….wake up

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    Not trumps fault. They want more money. It’s always about the money

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    Trial of coronavirus vaccine is not within standard testing, not proven effective.
    Still concerning.

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    Lucynda Rodriguez

    How many Thousands of dollars did they pay this man to do this? I really like this guy. I like what he said… Stock pile sounds scary what if you hypothetically get a whole bunch of vaccines and you put them in the cooler right now and it is October 2020 and then you start giving them out in January 21 what is the scientific affect and not just affect the side effect at that time.

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    God speed Doctors, nurses, scientists.

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    if they had a vaccine right now I would have been happy right now iam tired of this misery

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    this was a terrible year cant wait for 2021 to be done with this so can I start having some fun

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    Not then,not now,not ever

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    Never forget the Tuskegee experiment they had the cure and did not give it to the Black men

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    They are all slaves of Bill Vaccingates

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    HEADLINE: "AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine Trial – Brazil Volunteer DIES, Trial to Continue"

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