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Use Your Big Brain to Pass 13 Tough Riddles

Regular training and problem solving can help your brain function at a more stable level throughout your entire life. What can you do to boost your intelligence? It’s simple. Always be on the lookout for different problems to solve and give your brain a workout. For example, try to solve several riddles every day. They are not just fun to solve but they’re also a great way to warm up and test your brain’s agility. Puzzles and brain teasers develop critical thinking, creative thinking, and improve memory. We prepared 13 riddles of varying complexity that will help you both train your brain and entertain yourself.


A Tragedy in the Artist’s House 0:01
Bizarre Guests 1:03
A Mysterious Disappearance 2:11
A Call to the Police 3:02
A Date 3:55
A Bizarre Code 4:41
An Anxious Husband 5:38
Find the Thief 6:30
A Crime in the Neighborhood 7:20
Desperate for Help 8:18
A Run-Away Wife 9:05
A Missing Collection 9:53
A Blatant Lie 10:50

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  1. Avatar

    The A Call To The Police is not probable even if you don't have connection cell phones are connected to a different universal network so you can always call the police

  2. Avatar

    As n Anxious Husband is not probable because for Priuses you just have to have the keys in the car for it to turn on.

  3. Avatar
    Immortal Ñishant Gaming 彡 ツ

    Thanks a lot!
    After watching your videos and solving the puzzles, who else's day literally 'brightens'!!??
    Keep on uploading such awesome content!

  4. Avatar
    Gaming With Astro

    11:23 its the middle one because the signature is different than others

  5. Avatar

    Siapa yg dari indo nengok sisi terang yg asli :"v

  6. Avatar

    So, which of the riddle was the hardest?

  7. Avatar

    13 out of 3

  8. Avatar

    Bright side why most of the time you give ( unlucky )13 riddles in a video

  9. Avatar

    you should pick the kind and funnt boy because smart gut hass a kiss on his neck

  10. Avatar
    ꧁Despair Karma꧂

    big brain time

  11. Avatar
    JyotiRanjan Samantasinghar

    Please upload more videos on riddles

  12. Avatar
    Papiya Bhattacharya

    How come Melissa's all valuables n money are stolen but her mobile phone?

  13. Avatar
    MarcusScience23 C

    There’s a poster of a criminal in the police department. I bet he was arrested for stealing pies.

  14. Avatar

    And me thinking they had on masks for the virus lol

  15. Avatar

    Riddle 1: Jason sus

  16. Avatar

    This is like the game among us

  17. Avatar

    For the artist one if it was timmothy he was the one who found him I was gonna comment self report.

  18. Avatar


  19. Avatar

    I love these, lol😂😂😂😂

  20. Avatar

    it's amazing I loved it

  21. Avatar

    But the elderly man's house has three windows.

  22. Avatar

    Bright side is A bizzare Riddle Maker.

  23. Avatar

    I solved every riddles except 4 riddles

  24. Avatar
    Stephanie Dela Cruz

    Hey guys any of you now among us right that game is awesome 😉😉😉like here if you agree

  25. Avatar
    Stephanie Dela Cruz

    You should be a detective than a youtuber hahaha 😂😂😂im sorry im just joking!! 😂😂😂

  26. Avatar

    I honestly thought the code riddle was the number of letters on each picture


  27. Avatar

    I loved the thumb nail 🙈

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