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Usain Bolt says he is staying in quarantine after coronavirus test

The eight-time Olympic champion sprinter has said he is self-isolating after being tested for Covid-19. Bolt did not reveal whether he had received a test result, saying: ‘I’m having no symptoms so I am going to quarantine myself and wait on the confirmation.’ Bolt recently attended his 34th birthday party, with Raheem Sterling and Chris Gayle reportedly among those invited.

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    What about your daughter check she too

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    kensington williams

    Poor us you will get better ok ☺☺

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    Camille La Fleur

    Get better drink ginger and neem leave. You will pull through

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    Baked Beanz on Toast

    Do we really have to have every bloody famous person inform us they tested positive for covid, I really couldn't give a f*ck, they are wealthy and have access to private healthcare unlike us, the great unwashed…!!!!!!.

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    Get super fast broadband

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    Well did social media diagnose you or your doctor? I’m confused 😕😕🙃🙃🙃

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    My first thought on seeing the video of you in bed was yes now, him sick bad. Glad you have no symptons. Stay in and get better, boss!

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    Chris gayle is tested negative

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    Sometimes I feel angry when responsible people do idotic things like Usain boult did he orgnize no mask party on his birthday I mea what kind of person do this kind of idiocy in this pendamic time few month ago Novak Djokovic also do this kind of foolishness when he orgnize open tournament you not puting your life also other life in harm shame on you mr boult I wish you recover quickly but also how could you do this this kind of foolishness

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