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US president and Melania Trump tested after his close aide was confirmed to have Covid-19 – BBC News

US President Donald Trump has said he and First Lady Melania Trump have tested positive for coronavirus and are now self-isolating.

Mr Trump, aged 74 and therefore in a high-risk group, wrote on Twitter: “We will get through this together.

Earlier on Thursday, Mr Trump said he and his wife, who is 50, were going into quarantine after Ms Hicks’s positive test.

He tweeted: “Hope Hicks, who has been working so hard without even taking a small break, has just tested positive for Covid 19. Terrible!

“The First Lady and I are waiting for our test results. In the meantime, we will begin our quarantine process!”

It is not clear how Mr Trump’s positive test will affect arrangements for the second presidential debate, which is scheduled for 15 October in Miami, Florida.

Mr Trump is not the first world leader to have tested positive. Earlier this year, Boris Johnson and Brazil’s President Jair Bolsonaro were infected. They both have since recovered, although Mr Johnson had to receive regular oxygen treatment to help his breathing during hospitalisation.

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    I'd rather they tested their IQ's.

    Does the score go that low?

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    Funny, one can test positive in a furst test and then posituve in the seco d and in the third test be negative… and vuce versa..sonething is wrong with those tests…it is happenning all over… is it done in purpose??

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    Let’s hope they die

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    Last persons from USA infected today.

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    जय हिंद, जय महात्मा।🙏🏽

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    I hope this is really true and not a hoax for a set-up for something that will not surprise us all later. It makes me doubt he really got the virus. There is something cooking up here in the White House.

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    Grandson Little Billy

    Please god save this amazing man

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    Make 🇺🇸 great again with covid Mr president 👏

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    If he gets over covid without serious complication he would say it was just a fever and nobody should bother about it and if it gets complicated still more support to him.
    Worst case is Joe has got it too. Trump was shouting at him.

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    A well scripted gimmick ,from an "actor" president , to win over sympathy.He believes that he can garner votes this way.

  12. Avatar

    “technically obese” lol Idk why I found that so funny.

  13. Avatar

    If he is well, then it is a hoax. Cry on

  14. Avatar

    Just a coincidence that exactly the leaders which took a very lax view on COVID were the first to catch it?

    – Boris "Let's try out herd immunity. Oh – that didn't go too well. Our hospital wards are overflowing, surprise!"
    – Bolsonaro "There IS no virus and anyways, it's no thread for guys like us"
    – Trump "I KNOW it's deadly and contagious, but my fellow Americans are too unfit and cowardly to take the truth, so let's lie to them, pretend and it will go away"

    Such a shame, now he'll probably need a generator and every person, woman, man will see all that through a camera on TV. Well, it is what it is….

  15. Avatar

    Good think how many people this thing frump has infected

  16. Avatar

    Trump: I’ve been tested positive
    Biden: oo-ohhh

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    Wouldn't that be something, if the candidates from both parties died.

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    Is it just me or does the chick in the thumbnail look like the grinch

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    Melania: what😱? How can I test positive, I don't even touch him😕

  22. Avatar

    Bullshxt, Covid 19 does not exist.

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    sorry..but most people in the world wish the Oaf in Office at the WH, faker meets his maker…get real.

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    TwoPence might get a few weeks of Presidential fame?

  26. Avatar

    reply me please

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    Higher Frequency

    DONALD:I messed my election speech up, now what will I do
    MELANIA: we’ll play on republicans sympathy and say we have covid. They will forget about your distaerous speech in a couple of weeks


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    I love Donald Trump and Melania Trump from India

  29. Avatar

    Trump has the worlds worst record of responding to Covid and he has lost 4.5 million US jobs-Go Biden to stop covid and create jobs-best wishes for their recovery and all of the other sick and other Americans dying from Covid-210,000 and counting

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    Oh Trump is talking about wearing a mask!!

  31. Avatar
    Man kind is something to be Supassed

    That's what happens when you share golf clubs…

  32. Avatar
    No More Fake Media

    Trump 2020

  33. Avatar
    Fortitudine Vincimus

    Trump's in 3 groups that put him at a increased risk for severe illness from COVID-19. Elderly, obese and low income.

  34. Avatar

    😎👍 terima kasih 👍 saya setuju 👍

  35. Avatar

    If trump don't get it bad like Boris it will just make things worse

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    This is a clear example that test and tracing is important but is NOT a prevention!!! If you think this is fake and will magically disappear one day and refuse to wear mask…well, sooner or later u might be the one who catch it. Just the matter of time. UK should wake the hell up and take action immediately!! There is this massive of grey area where the government n ppl are not thinking straight! E.g, how the heck we now reopen school and yet students are not wearing face mask???!! This is totally irresponsible for the government and parents who are allowing this to happen until the spike to the point is out of control! U can run away denial all u want, but sadly the ones who have done their part being responsible have to Sacrifice all the effort they have put in coz of u bunch of ignorant and naive ppl!!!

  38. Avatar
    SNishaanth Gopinathan Nair.

    Wish them both for speedy recovery.

  39. Avatar

    It's a hoax, Donny has a false positive. Now, has Hope been tested for anything other than covid-19 – std?

  40. Avatar

    Kung Flu Covid19 has reached its target Win Win !

  41. Avatar

    Couldnt care less….it is what it is.

  42. Avatar

    Every one knows the covid 29 contracted trump is hoax .The debate reflected Trump has mental and behavioural problems he was all the time agitated in the debate only intelligent and psychiatrist recognize the trump behaviour

  43. Avatar

    This could actually work well for Trump…. Means he can dodge the debates and could go for the sympathy vote now. Saying how the experience has changed his view on the virus.

  44. Avatar

    Not one famous person has died from Covid 19 in all this time. Don't think that will change soon. BUT keep wearing your masks, wash your hands, socially distance, don.t see your family or friends, Close the world by 10pm, and wait for the vaccine.

  45. Avatar

    "as he is technically obese, he is in the high risk group" 😂

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