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US investigating if emails connected to Russia disinformation against Biden

US authorities are investigating whether recently published emails that purport to detail the business dealings of Joe Biden’s son in Ukraine and China are connected to an ongoing Russian disinformation effort targeting the former vice president’s campaign, a US official and a congressional source briefed on the matter said.
The conservative-leaning New York Post claimed in a series of articles this week that it obtained “smoking-gun” emails about Hunter Biden and his dealings in Ukraine. CNN has not determined the authenticity of the emails.
President Donald Trump and his allies have used this topic to smear the Bidens over the past year and seized on the recent articles to attack Biden in the final weeks of the presidential election. The specific new allegations touch on the same topics as the Kremlin’s ongoing disinformation campaign against the Bidens, which the US intelligence community said this summer was intended to weaken Biden’s candidacy against Trump.
The FBI is leading the investigation, the official and congressional source said. NBC was first to report the inquiry.
The probe is part of a larger investigation into Russian disinformation that dates back to before the impeachment inquiry last fall. The alleged disinformation campaign is aimed at tying the former vice president to his son’s dealings with the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, according to US officials familiar with the matter.
The New York Post says it obtained the emails through two Trump confidants: His personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani and his former chief strategist Steve Bannon.
Giuliani has openly coordinated with a known Russian agent to promote disinformation about the Bidens. The Washington Post reported Thursday the White House, and Trump personally, were warned in 2019 that Giuliani “was being used to feed Russian misinformation” to the President. Separately, Bannon was recently charged by the Justice Department with orchestrating a million-dollar fraud scheme and accused of deceiving thousands of donors to his nonprofit.
In a Fox News interview Friday, Giuliani said Trump never mentioned the warning to him and that he hasn’t been told by US intelligence officials that he is peddling Russian disinformation.
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    Why would Mayor Giuliani set himself up for a major defamation suit? He's gone totally public! Think people!

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    Lock trump up!

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    Just when Joe had Hunter locked up somewhere and thought he was safe. oops.

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    That looks like 10 milion dollars slashed off donnie's 400mil debt.
    laughs in MBS payed but never occupied trump hotel rooms

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    Can CNN be shut down already. We the people are sick of the propaganda old person style.

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    The American people should be outraged to be subject this CNN disinformation and bringing a liar like Adam Schiff on to comment.

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    Russian collusion? Wasn’t that already investigated.

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    Impeach Biden if he wins.

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    Why are you not checking Biden selling influence through his son Hunter?

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    CNN covering for Hunter Biden actually doing what they impeached Trump for. These people are demonic.

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    Hunter Biden the crackhead forgot the computer he dropped off you Idiots! Never do you worry about Russia disinfo/ Propoganda when condemning Trump

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    this is literally ignoring a crack smoking elephant in the room

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    If this is a defamation case, then why isn't Mayor Giuliani being arrested? Where's the CIA/FBI/Home Security arresting Rudy! This is no smear!

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    Emails are verified as authentic

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    #FakeNews. Joe Biden is corrupt and the media and big tech will hide it, you should be ashamed of yourselves.

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    The email thing worked in 2016,but it's gonna work this time, Trump has to go,he's not qualified,period.

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    Well this is not good….

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    Or maybe there’s truth to this and the left is trying their best to hide it?????

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    CNN running interference for the bidens.

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    I was buying.into this conspiracy until they introduced Schiff. Schiff cannot be trusted at all.

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    Again Russians fault lmao

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    Rudy is trying hard to get Rump re-elected. NY attorney general. when you arrest Rump, please take Rudy too so him and Rump can be cell mates..

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    Give us a break Wolf. Attack the messenger,and in comes Shifty to give some credence to your agenda, it’s ok the viewers are stupid according to you and won’t notice.

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    Giuliani dont give a flying eff! He is the same man who said he has "insurance" on trump if he ever gets thrown under bus …they just need to finish taking eachother down so we can clean up the white house ,bc its full of filth smh

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    How about CNN do some investigative reporting to determine the validity of the emails.

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    Such a ghoul. Ghoulliani. He has the same look undertaker's used to have after working with embalming fluid for 30 years.

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    This has to be the most absurd reporting ever.

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    Two Ravens Three Kettles

    MSM and Big Tech, including the corrupt CNN are part of the Democrat Machine. They are hard at work burying Biden's fraud story. One day these serial liars will have to pay and be investigated themselves. Covington Kid Style. CNN = propaganda arm of the corrupt Biden family

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    Do u idiots wanna talk about how they have a picture of this kid SLEEPING WITH A CRACK PIPE IN HIS MOUTH ????? Who can fall asleep after smoking crack? Do the Republicans think crack is a sleep aid ??? Those pictures were taken by somebody trying to blackmail the bidens. The pipe was placed in hunters mouth after he had fallen asleep. Politics is the dirtiest game in the world and there are some true dirtbags playing.

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    It doesnt matter where the information is coming from. This is all speculation – comment on the damn email! They show that Joe Biden was lying for years that he knew nothing about his sons foreign affairs. This is the real scandal. Comment on that!

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    What do you expect from a LIAR. No level how low Trump will go. I hope Congress and the Senate will put NEW LAW in place for this kind of corruption NEVER happen again.

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    Biden is corrupt.

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    Giuliani looks like the house elf in charge of knob polishing.

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    Nice fake spin.. the ACTUAL investigation is based on crack head hunter’s laptop, which he gave to a computer shop… w/o wiping the HD.

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    Crowd cheering for CNN at rally. Don't miss it! https://youtu.be/w5RDWew5o1Y?t=56

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    Spoiler you are a bad guy doing enemy's bidding we expect our FBI to harass the hell out of you rudy bet Adam can find all the overtime pay needed

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    At what point do the hosts of F&F need to be consider aiding the Russian’s efforts to interfere with the election?

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    Biden hid bin laden in iran while VP. Ph recordings to back it up

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