US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrives in Taiwan despite warnings from Beijing

by News Update

U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan late on Tuesday, starting a visit that Beijing had warned her against taking, saying it would undermine Sino-U.S. relations.

China claims self-ruled Taiwan as its own, and a Chinese foreign ministry spokesman said earlier this week that any visit by Pelosi would be “a gross interference in China’s internal affairs” and warned that “the Chinese People’s Liberation Army will never sit idly by.”

The Biden administration did not explicitly urge her to call it off, while seeking to assure Beijing it would not signal any change in U.S. policy on Taiwan.

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said Washington’s betrayal “on the Taiwan issue is bankrupting its national credibility.”

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Victory 539 August 3, 2022 - 1:00 AM

Smells like 3rd 🌎 💣 👋👋

KingAlphaOmega August 3, 2022 - 1:01 AM

Even US can also deport Chinese out of our American soil!

SevenStars August 3, 2022 - 1:02 AM

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SolitaryBell August 3, 2022 - 1:02 AM

Should have taken Canadas communist leader and zombie Biden with her

Just Working for the weekend August 3, 2022 - 1:03 AM

I hope this doesn't start a war. Because I'll tell you right now I don't care about Taiwan

michaelngfinance August 3, 2022 - 1:04 AM

Global News, from your video, it looks like people in Taiwan doesn't want Pelosi to be there. Is that true?

Sandra Hamill August 3, 2022 - 1:05 AM


⬅️Bob And Friends🐈 August 3, 2022 - 1:06 AM

While I personally cannot stand the woman's politics she is a National figure and should not be putting her well being at risk!
She needs to go home now!!!

Felix Rios August 3, 2022 - 1:06 AM

How is this lady so powerful? As democrat as she may be she has more balls than Biden or trump!! 🇺🇸👊🏼

Bumbling Brandon August 3, 2022 - 1:06 AM

America 🇺🇸 just treaded on the weak ccp 👍 👌

Bumbling Brandon August 3, 2022 - 1:07 AM


theylied1776 August 3, 2022 - 1:07 AM

Is that what they meant by playing with fire? A couple of grandparents showing up to protest Pelosi's arrival? Someone needs to tell that one grandma to be careful, she could fall and break a hip.

Stacking9mm August 3, 2022 - 1:11 AM

So she brings her husband with her? Not Sus at all. So he can buy all the stocks for her.

areUaware August 3, 2022 - 1:13 AM

US politicians often go to Taiwan. No big deal regardless of what the media tells you.

annieladysmith August 3, 2022 - 1:13 AM

Hanoi Jane, still working for China.

《Freedom》 August 3, 2022 - 1:13 AM

Todays installment of "Let us tell you what to think."
News is nothing more than scripted theatre for the debt slaves .

X x August 3, 2022 - 1:14 AM

China has no say in who can visit Taiwan.

van allen August 3, 2022 - 1:14 AM

They can keep Skelator.