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US Election: Will Biden’s steady approach sway swing state voters from Trump?

In the US, Donald Trump and Joe Biden will hold separate town hall events tonight in place of the second televised presidential debate. (Subscribe:

The debate was cancelled after President Trump refused to take part in a virtual format. He will be in Miami while Joe Biden will be in Philadelphia in his home state of Pennsylvania.
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    President Donald J. Trump is the only person who can save this nation.

    Joe Biden is the only person who can hide his own Easter eggs.

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    Strange Sightings

    Well there you go Joe Biden talks about building America's Democracy, That's socialism at best.

  3. Avatar

    There is no dubious behavior by Hunter Biden!!! Wannabe dictator traitor trump only cares about himself and wants money, power, and dictatorship!!!!

  4. Avatar

    Will the Biden Corruption Scandal Sway voters into seeing the Sleazy nature of the old Kiddy fiddler & his corrupt family or is that just my opinion?

  5. Avatar
    Strange Sightings

    Biden and Obama did nothing for the black community in 8 years.

  6. Avatar


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    Sleepy Joe….. he is not winning. The silent majority will vote and it will determine the winner

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    ⚠️🚨👉 The Plot Against America: The GOP’s Plan to Suppress the Vote and Sabotage the Election
    Blocking ballots, intimidating voters, spreading misinformation — undermining democracy is at the heart of Trump’s 2020 campaign


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    ⚠️🚨👉 Trump: 'We'll be cutting' Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security


    🚨👉 Barr’s “Unmasking” Investigation Ends Without Charges Filed

    The investigation was announced in May, after former acting Director of National Intelligence Richard Grenell declassified a list of names of former Obama administration officials who allegedly requested the "unmasking" of Michael Flynn


    Richard Grenell said, in a interview with Breitbart London, "I absolutely want to empower other conservatives throughout Europe, other leaders.  "Clearly trump ambassador sees himself as an extension of a right-wing conservative world movement," Grenell's actions violated the 1961 Vienna Convention, under which diplomats do not interfere in the domestic affairs of a country.

    ⚠️🚨👉Watch "Malcolm Nance: The GOP are 100% on board with Trump staying in power." on YouTube

    ⚠️🚨👉 Kemp is trying to steal the election in Georgia. Look at these early voting lines. Absolutely ridiculous.



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    ⚠️🚨👉 Trump’s Reelection Campaign Is Corrupting the Entire Federal Government


    🚨👉 Barrett must recuse from 2020 election cases, shield Supreme Court from Trump corruption


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    🚨👉 A mega-successful producer/director/writer, Apatow took to Twitter, where he offered some advice for the town hall moderator Savannah Guthrie. Addressing the Today show co-anchor directly, Apatow suggested: "Maybe confront him about lies and corruption and racism. Bring the receipts. Ask follow up questions then more follow up questions. Our democracy is at stake. Don't be soft. Don't make this an entertainment program. Make it better than a debate."


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    👉 ‘Freeloader-In-Chief’: Twitter Afire Over Explosive Trump Tax Return Report


    ⚠️🚨👉Lock her up: Ivanka Caught Getting Massive ‘Consulting Fees’ in Alleged Family Tax Fraud Scheme


    ⚠️🚨👉 Ivanka violated the Hatch Act an average of once every six hours in two days alone. Her total disregard for the law is appalling.


    🚨👉 While GOP hits Kelly over China ties, McSally had investments too*



    🚨👉 On the same day Trump and his daughter dined with Chinese President Xi Jinping at Mar-a-Lago in Florida in April 2017, China awarded her three preliminary trademark approvals for jewelry, handbags and spa services. In all, she has obtained more than a dozen Chinese trademarks since entering the White House, ensuring her access to the world’s second-largest economy if she goes back into business.


    🚨👉Watch "Trump Tax Returns: 10 Things You Need to Know" on YouTube

    🚨🏛👉 3 Trump judges claim voter suppression somehow makes it easier to vote

    Thanks to them, there will be just one ballot drop-off box for all of Houston.

    The judges are among more than 200 judges appointed by Trump and confirmed by the Republican-controlled Senate since January 2017. Trump's picks now account for more than one-fifth of the entire federal judiciary.


    🚨🏛👉Watch "How Trump took over America's courts" on YouTube


    🚨🏛👉 Here's how Trump's 'court-packing' attack on Biden could blow up in his face
    We've never seen anything like Mitch McConnell's blockade of Obama's nominees. That left so many open seats that the federal judiciary was barely able to function. Cases stacked up. 

    And then Trump, who lost the popular vote by almost 3 million and was never given a mandate by the American people, filled those vacancies with justices that supported his agenda to kill the Affordable Care Act and limit Americans' civil rights. Many of them were rated "unqualified" by the American Bar Association.


    🚨👉 GOP's latest virus relief bill doesn't even protect essential workers


    🚨👉 Fact check: Lindsey Graham blatantly lies about Obamacare at Supreme Court hearing


    🚨👉 Trump admits he would have ignored coronavirus even without impeachment


    💰🚨👉 Watch Pence struggle to explain why taxpayers should pay for him to stay at Trump resort


  9. Avatar
    Lorie Soliwoda-Truong

    Wow delusional…almost as delusional as the Joe Biden in his dementia stupor…. just in time not to remember all the crimes and treason he committed…

  10. Avatar

    🇺🇸Trump will win in a landslide! Biden is corrupt to the core. Socialist leaning and dishonest!🗽

  11. Avatar

    You guys are such liars too. 🤨

  12. Avatar

    White people won't vote against what serves them. Supremacy.

  13. Avatar

    Biden isn't boring… his sincerity is engaging. Boring is watching journalists talking to other journalists. At least the UK's Channel 4 believes in sending reporters into the community to canvass real lives. Biden voters clearly have real lives, with little time or desire to spend the day trolling for Trump.

  14. Avatar

    Holding out a billion dollor loan to get an anti corruption lawyer in Ukraine fired, this guy is dirty. Those videos of him being creepy with little girls is disgusting.

  15. Avatar

    Biden is a winner
    Trump is a sinner

  16. Avatar

    Rather Mr Forgetful than the giant peach 🍑

  17. Avatar

    Yesterday Trump declined to say whether he will keep Barr on if he wins a second term. Wow another loyalist gets thrown under the buss. Barr has given up everything for trump. His future career is toast, his self pride and any sense of dignity or decency now shattered. How does it feel Willie?

  18. Avatar
    Miroslav Sedlacek

    trump is going to win 2020 elaction….

  19. Avatar

    The photos with hunter Biden unconscious with a crack pipe hanging out of his mouth are epic 🤣

  20. Avatar

    Goosebumps watching this…It takes me at most 10 mins to vote in Australia & I get a snag…sausage on bread. These guys are democracy incarnate ❤️. Stay strong the world ls counting on you…well the normal rational world.

  21. Avatar

    I see more support for Trump from the Black community, generally.
    C4 saying the US needs black voters to take down Trump is a new low- like they are assuming what they think and acting like it's up to them to do it.

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