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US election: ‘Trump needs to be denied a second term’, says John Bolton – BBC Newsnight

President Trump’s former National Security Adviser John Bolton speaks to Newsnight’s Emily Maitlis about the upcoming US election, the state of the Republican Party and his controversial book, The Room Where It Happened. Please subscribe HERE

John Bolton had a front row seat in the Trump administration as former National Security Advisor.

His hawkish foreign policy stance often clashed with Donald Trump’s, and he described him – after he left – as ‘erratic, impulsive’ and ‘stunningly uninformed’.

In a best selling book, The Room Where It Happened, John Bolton admitted he saw President Trump deny security aid to Ukraine until he’d secured the promise of an investigation into Joe Biden.

This issue would become central to Trump’s impeachment last year.

Democrats pressed Bolton to testify but he refused to do so voluntarily.

They decided a legal fight to force the issue would take too long, and pressed ahead without him.

Full revelations of what he knew were only confirmed in his memoirs.

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  1. Avatar

    Trump is anything but ‘normal’. The United States of America does NOT want an idiot in chief. Vote the prick out. From NZ.

  2. Avatar

    John Bolton is a traitor and war hawk,Trump knew it and kicked him out

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    this is a fraud a deception and we pay the bbc for it…lol

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    Old deep state Bolton, war monger and Bushes henchman ?

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    What's going on with BBC biases no evidence given for any facts given stop paying for this garbage

  6. Avatar
    Clarkenstein de Clarkenstein

    Voices from the swamp

  7. Avatar

    Money talks and Bolton walks.

  8. Avatar

    A despicable old war mongering fart, canvassing for the removable of a despicable old narcissistic despot. God bless America.

  9. Avatar

    and all for the beast israel yes john

  10. Avatar
    Randomly In accurate

    Is he trying to sell another book?

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    While Trump may be a stupid and ignorant a**hole, Bolton is even worse because he's an intelligent and knowledgeable a**hole.

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    Messy Little Foodie

    Fuck the BBC

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    TRUMP 2020 — Western Civilization is on the ballot.

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    khayretv khayretv

    I'm Muslim but one thing I like about Donald trump is he didn't go war and I respect him on that

  15. Avatar

    If this low life Bolton tells us Trump shouldn't have a 2nd term in office then he most Definitely does need a 2nd term in office . Remember Bolton's interview with John Pilger when not realising the cameras were still rolling called Pilger " a commie lover "

  16. Avatar

    Get out there and vote TRUMP/PENCE 2020 the alternative is slow creeping Communism and Harris as the President which is too horrid to contemplate!

  17. Avatar

    Even though he is talking against trump, his republican dickhead is showing.

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    You wan to write in for president, coward simply a political hack that has been in D.C. decades too long. A write in means he can duck the issue to his friends and not defeat Trump: coward, greedy little walrus looking coward.

  19. Avatar

    Philosophy? What's your philosophy John? War? Bombing?

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    Action Begins Success

    You're so left wing biased it's unbelievable. Brainwashing people everyday to follow the beliefs that benefit your agenda. The world is heading to a very dark place if Sleepy Joe Biden gets in. Why don't you report the news and stop trying to sway people with your far left views. Shocking BBC

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    Aww what a cute Schnauzer!

  22. Avatar

    correction: want to…

  23. Avatar

    Shut the fuck up Neocon.

  24. Avatar

    Bolton voting for republican other than Trump! (Hey, you're on your way to save America).

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    John Bolton should move to Israel. It’s the only country he loves.

  26. Avatar

    John Bolton once called PETER Hitchens a Communist. That's how far right this guy is.

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    Screw that noise. Bolton done goofed.

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    Trump for the win 👊 💃🔒

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    I hope trump gets a second term cus them England and America can strike up a trade deal like we did with China.

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    Oh for fuck's sake John shut your face. Everyone is sick of the wokeness, the sham that is BLM, critical race theory and all the other forms of social cancer that the democratic party have become enthralled to.

  31. Avatar

    Waste of space.

  32. Avatar

    Show me on the doll where Iran hurt you John.

  33. Avatar

    Who killed those middle eastern kids, John?

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    The only thing missing from this interview is the song "REM – Everybody Hurts" playing in the background

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    >Neocon doesn't support the anti war president

  36. Avatar

    You can’t just say someone has caused damage without saying what that damage is, Bolton is talking out of his ass.

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    This is the problem.
    The undertone of every report is "How do we solve this awful problem of Trump being in power".

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    Lol, I'm stunned Bolton holds this view. I need to sit down 😂

    Going by early voting, it seems Trump is going to comfortably win Florida. Looking at early voting in other important states, Democrats are under performing while Republicans are over performing.

    This should worry Democrats and Bolton. Trump seems on course to win the EC, and possibly the PV as well. Shocking, considering the numbers the polling companies are chucking out.

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    What a patronising bafoon… All he can do now is make $ from his so called 'tell all' book.

  40. Avatar

    Says the war junkie

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    should of told this rolf harris impersonator you had your chance to tell the world about trump in court but you didn't and tried to sell it in a book to the public instead to line your own pockets

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    Sooner or later we all find out about trump. 3 bankrupted businesses and that is nothing to having to closed down and fined because of theft and FRAUD ! Now the million you claimed in taxes was …$750 , you are a tax evading crook and the audit tells us that if your supporters haven’t caught on yet ! They are waiting till your presidential immunity is expired and you will be hit with all the crooked shit you have been trying to hide. You might need more lawyers that are not in jail , …yet ! Only president in history endorsed by the White Supremacists and having 8 friends in prison for FRAUD ! TicTok !

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