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US Election: Rival Trump and Biden supporters clash at Florida rally

Sky’s Siobhan Robbins is in the battleground state of Florida where the stakes couldn’t be higher for Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

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  1. Avatar

    Leave social media off for a few days people, catch up with your lives,we all need a rest. Switch off.

  2. Avatar

    Even if Trump win will be like last 4 years, symbolic power by president 😁

  3. Avatar

    How the hell they don’t see Biden brain is vacant,they want him to be president,omg it’s unbelievable 🥴

  4. Avatar

    A plague on both their houses .

  5. Avatar

    Seems like men lean right and women lean left. Male feminists lean left because they are desperate for female approval and acceptance. Femine females lean right because they are attracted to the masculine males.

  6. Avatar

    Overall, Biden gets the LGBTQ votes

  7. Avatar
    adil jatt 1988 uk nameless


  8. Avatar

    Bit late for sky to be bothered now. Them and other MSM have caused this

  9. Avatar
    People's Liberation Army Air Force

    The only thing that holds American back is itself.

  10. Avatar

    Nice to see them Fighting in their Own Country……And Not in someone Else's .

  11. Avatar
    James Musslewhite

    Democrats have been attacking, insulting and spitting on Trump supporters from the time he came down the escalator, The Silent Majority are ready for that social war liberals have been provoking for the last four years. They really need to understand that when the smoke clears over their Civil War II, the Democrat Party will merely be a memory…

  12. Avatar

    Wake up.. Biden is Zombie

  13. Avatar

    what he's holding is not even the american flag

  14. Avatar

    So this report after finding out it's true that they spat on people nonetheless during a pandemic decided there was nothing wrong with that and gave no pushback ? SMH. If Trump supporters did the same behavior these delusional lefties did it be headline news.

  15. Avatar

    a trump supporter came over so we had to do something to get rid of him…. so she spat on him…. classy, as an outsider looking in it seems like biden supporters tend to accuse trump supporters of violence and nastiness but it seems to be the other way around they come across as cry bullies

  16. Avatar

    Tim Pool – youtube : Andy Ngo – Twitter , have plenty of action

  17. Avatar

    Trump Supporters don't want Terrorism, so I don't blame them, Trump 2020!¡

  18. Avatar

    IF Biden wins God help America 🙏🙏🙏

  19. Avatar
    Ralph Whittington

    Trump time to go man even if u win just give in u got money buildings money coming in time to say good bye to the stuf u get for free air force one and helecopter marine one Whitehouse bye trump time to go

  20. Avatar

    America: land of the dead, home of the idiot.

  21. Avatar

    Can't wait to see Trump supporters in Court and on court TV too

  22. Avatar

    This division is caused by the lying media who are puppets of the DNC. They are responsible for all that is wrong with America.

  23. Avatar

    Ki ll all the binde support there are evil

  24. Avatar
    Leonard Planck III

    Biden is racist wtf look at his policies

  25. Avatar

    antifa, racists and looters..third colony of Libstards spread violence around the country.

  26. Avatar


  27. Avatar
    Ralph Whittington

    Trump u nead money and 4 more years I bet your wife likes money time to spend your own money no more air force one who pays for Whitehouse air force one marine one all the limoes people he dose not pay for eneything time to go trump

  28. Avatar

    Trump is going to win, and these bullying socialists are going to go even crazier.

  29. Avatar

    See, Trump supporters are willing to accept the outcome while the other side are not and threatens with more violence to come! #Trump 2020

  30. Avatar

    if biden wins we know its rigged trump will win if he doesnt wAR

  31. Avatar


  32. Avatar


  33. Avatar

    Trump PRESIDENT 2020🇺🇸

  34. Avatar
    All Weather Cat Lover

    Trump supporters were thugs! Their tattoos reflected they were no good people! And they dont wear facemask! Stay away from them, they were dangerous!

  35. Avatar

    What's with USA and their obsession with socialism ? If they come to Europe , they'll die of shock !

  36. Avatar

    sorry to comment this:The latest Corona Virus infected patient is further increase in huge counts and maybe die at any chance if medical staff fail to rescure them due to insufficient medical aids ,Donald dump told supporter in rallys he had round the corner successfully , cheer them not to treat covid is a scary creature . Donald Dump is brainwashing the shallow thinking supporter to be like ostriches burying their heads in the sand to to avoid seeing danger coming, that is not moral thing to do. Look at the leader in Canada, NZ, Australia, England, German, and the entire europe, middle east and asia . Their leader work hand in hand with their best scientist to tackle the virus seriously but only Donald Duck is different in his way , is there anything Donald Dump is hiding. If really so, he is damn bad , if he using this dirty way to win vote from those supporter who oppose the measures to contain the virus spread then he is really a bad guy . Worrying for USA next 4 yr

  37. Avatar

    The death toll trend now going to be like a rocket path . But Dump said go around the corner, he said they done great job on covid at rallys, did he talk big . Still no positive plan except the unrealistic promises(A blank cheque)

  38. Avatar

    I don't get why fanatics (on both sides) love conflict so much. Humanity still has a long way to go.

  39. Avatar

    Trump 2020

  40. Avatar

    Democratic cities are the only ones with riots. How does that make it Trumps fault. Those cities are run by democrats allowing destruction to happen and smiling while those business go up in flames. This is the MEDIAS fault for one sited info going out.

  41. Avatar

    Pelosi 'im confident joe biden will be elected next tuesday whatever the final count is'

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