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US election: Pennsylvania's new early voting system proves popular

Mail-in ballots are in high demand in Pennsylvania, where previous laws blocked that voting method.

Mike Armstrong explains how the popular system could cause problems on the night of the US election, Nov. 3.

Plus, during the final US presidential debate of the 2020 election, Democratic candidate Joe Biden promised to transition America away from oil and natural gas.

Eric Sorensen looks at how that could impact Canada’s energy sector.

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  1. Avatar

    Reading the comments on any Global News video which deigns to mention American politics is a guaranteed way to make my heart sink.

    The Republican Party has become a dangerous cult of personality built around a single man, the concept of selfishness made manifest. The rambling incoherence of conservatives, foaming at the mouth with rage and fear, would be funny if it weren't so sad.

  2. Avatar

    It's too late there Global, nothing you can say will stop the POTUS for another 4 years. And too many people also watch Fox so we all know what the media mafia is up to.

  3. Avatar

    Watch out Pennsylvania, Biden wants to shut down your oil industry. Don't believe his backtracking.

  4. Avatar

    So what's the use of signatures if they don't match. This fraud He just admitted he will give citizenship to 11 million while we are unemployed on minimum wages

  5. Avatar
    Wendel Cosasme z canby

    4 more years of Trump Derrangment syndrome coming!

  6. Avatar

    Who filled up the comments with praising fossil fuels? Wake up! Unlike you I'm not willing to be known as the only species on earth that voted for their own extinction. Don't believe the greedy vicious oil companies, we are on the downward slope of oil production now that we are 7 billion strong and growing. There will be jobs, clean efficient renewable energy will make it so.

  7. Avatar

    Biden hasn’t been in a basement. He is and has been out there fighting! He even risked being nearly infected by Trump at that first debate (intentional?)!
    I voted Blue and I’m proud to have helped evict that sorry excuse for a human out of our White House 🌊 🇺🇸

  8. Avatar

    Why did biden wear his mask wrong and not get called out by the media? It's supposed to cover from beneath the chin, to up on the nose.

  9. Avatar

    TD Insurance is just a huge scam, PLEASE FINISH READING MY REAL PERSONAL STORY AS A NEW CUSTOMER, IT WILL 100% HELP YOU CHOOSE TO GO WITH THEM OR NOT. only different between it and a black shop on the street is they are bigger, and have longer wait time for you to get fed up and bare with the scam by force. Ever since I opened account with td insurance as a customer, which I joined with my wife who have existing accounts with car and home, I have to call three times and wait 1.5hr each time to let their supervisor apply my deserved discounts that should be applied without calling, then after getting a mere 15% discount, then my wife begin to get letters from them every single month, simply with the title 'Change on your premiums' without telling us any details whatsoever in the letters, her premium before I even joined was around $1800, then after we called it applied discount to $1500, we thought it finally over, then out of no where she got a following letter sconde month in notifing her new annual premium changed to little over $2000 all the sudden without us doing anything! or being told by anything! What their customer service tells you or? promose would be jokes, with no credibility like RBC, Dajardans, or Manulife and etc, i ended up losing more than what they promised to discount for, I'm regretting so much to switch from RBC to TD.

  10. Avatar

    Bell Media Propaganda

  11. Avatar
    Flavius Belisarius

    I dont have confidence in trudeau

  12. Avatar

    biden in a landslide.

  13. Avatar

    Of those registered Democrats, 65% of voting for Trump. It’s going to be a total landslide.

  14. Avatar

    Mail in voting to steal the election for democrats. Democrats = communists. Don't let them destroy our country and culture and steal our freedoms.

  15. Avatar

    Thank PA who vote for Biden 2020

  16. Avatar

    Trump 2020 after he sets Trudeau straight and takes the praires. Canada is not united anymore

  17. Avatar

    Nose has to be covered , otherwise it is useless,wearing masks.

  18. Avatar

    Biden doesn’t even wear his mask over his nose.

  19. Avatar
    Cheesy Mac n Cheese

    I don't think it's popular. Just more people will vote in this election than ever before in history. I'm sure if it goes wrong… or even doesn't when Trump wins people will scream Russia or hoax regardless. Trump voters won't use this system. They don't trust it.

  20. Avatar

    trump 2020 he is not going stop anything

  21. Avatar

    The MSM in Canada is exactly like in US.

  22. Avatar

    Best of luck to President Trump.

  23. Avatar

    not a problem. Trump in a landslide!!!

  24. Avatar

    election Night, Trump in a landslide!!

  25. Avatar

    Get real, it's a total scam and manipulation.

  26. Avatar

    It's mostly democrats and those without a car that vote by mail. Not an insult, just the reality. Also, these ballots by mail have barcodes that say R or D. Now will mailman rip up the ones that say R on it? Will volunteers who are counting discard those? Who's counting my the votes? Anyway, On Election Day, the majority vote after work is finished so should be fine

  27. Avatar

    To the person reading this:
    I wish you all the happiness in the world and lots of success in life!

    My dream is to hit 1k and I have been struggling to get there 😩 I appreciate any genuine help 🙏 Thank you

  28. Avatar

    The World 🌍 🌎 for President Trump 😇🇺🇸🙏❤️💪

  29. Avatar

    Where’s the news on Justin Trudeaus scandals?

  30. Avatar
    Legolas Greenleaf

    Dig, Biden says the thousands of mostly black men that were sent to jail (for pretty long sentences) was a "mistake" on his part. Whoops, sorry spending years and years in prison was a "mistake". Biden stresses out over this while he is eating his chocolate and vanilla ice cream in his basement.

  31. Avatar
    Legolas Greenleaf

    People, we got to get rid of the Democrat/Communist Party, they are utterly ridiculous.

  32. Avatar
    Legolas Greenleaf

    The whole reason that a far inferior candidate like Biden is neck-and-neck with a consummate winner like President Trump, is that the information services like the press and the main stream media is a seemingly impenetrable monolith dedicated to only serving the corrupt Democrat/Communist Party. This needs to change.

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