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US election: More than 10 million Americans cast early votes

Many US states are seeing historic levels of early voting three weeks before the November 3 presidential elections.
More than 10 million people have already mailed in or dropped off their votes in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic.
President Trump has repeatedly criticised mail-in voting, claiming it leads to fraud.

Al Jazeera’s Andy Gallacher reports from Miami, Florida, US.

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    Everybody is desperate to take out Trump, worst president, causing 1/4 of total worldwide covid death happens in US

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    2020 is the year to set the tone.
    Democracy for all people, or democracy for the privileges, you can’t have it both ways America!! Go out there and VOTE!!

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    GOP just don't know when to stop. Instead to change politics to adress a wider population, they go with voter suppression and border to fraudulent tools.

    Shame on you!

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    Heavy voting means Trump is going down

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    The sad fact is, US presidential election is not decided by popular vote, rather than electoral electoral college….people can turn up all they want but Trump just need to scare enough people in swing states.

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    That's what happens, when Trumpee put his henchman in charge of the postal service…

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    Democrats are mobilizing in 2020. 2016 so many became complacent and apathetic thinking Clinton will win in a landslide because polls. This time around. People are fired up. People voting early. People not looking at polls. Every vote counts. Trump is scared. He thought the Democrats are just lazy and wont vote. IF he can make this election so nasty like 2016, it will turn off voters. Sorry, Trump, people are revolting against you

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